HOLLYWOOD—Well, it looks like Veronica is back to her old ways yet again on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” In this week’s episode, ‘I Am Wolf’ viewers got a glimpse of the horrors that can transpire when two enemies team up to take down a common adversary. Candace went into frazzle mode when she learned Mitch planted dope in Warlock’s vehicle and he’s been locked up. Candace started to question what secrets Mitch has about his family background, which are just as cunning as Warlock apparently.

I’ve never seen the vixen so scared in my life that something treacherous could be heading her way. Hmm, it looks like Mitch and Candace have a past. Candace and Erica spotted Oscar entering Jim’s campaign office. Back in the prison cell, David paid Jim a visit to alert him that Wyatt is very much alive. Why do I suspect this good news, is only going to make Jim go back to his old ways.

Hanna received a call from Katheryn who alerted her about Wyatt’s condition, so things are looking up people. It was a heartbreaking moment to see Katheryn confess her love to Wyatt via the telephone. Still trying to wonder ‘who’ she was referring to when she noted she would not let ‘her’ hurt him anymore. This is a first; Hanna and Jeffrey have a conversation about his recent actions. How in the hell can you justify Veronica’s actions Hanna? If anything Jeffrey should have stabbed that knife deeper into his mother’s chest.

He asked Hanna if his sexuality would be a problem because of her religion. Finally, someone is not afraid to acknowledge that religion and judgement are not the same. Jeffrey poured out his heart to Wyatt, just as Candace finally realized that Oscar is working with David Harrington. Um, looks like Erica is going to be the woman who takes down David, this should be interesting people.

What the hell took so long? Hanna came face-to-face with Quincy Jr. who was in the hospital playing with toys. This just put a massive smile on my face people. Hanna was stunned to learn that her grandson was not in foster care, and the hospital would not release the child without Candace’s approval. Dammit, Candace better get it together and get her son ASAP so that he is not placed into foster care.

David and Oscar discussed tactics involving Benny, and it looks like David plans to utilize a gun to take care of Benny and Mitch. Mr. Harrington you’re digging yourself into quite a bit of hot water, and there are consequences for your actions. As Jeffrey waited by Wyatt’s bedside, he was stunned to come face-to-face with Veronica who made some wicked threats.

She did her best to make a move towards Wyatt’s bedside, but Jeffrey wasn’t budging. Such a treat, to see the Ice Queen quite afraid of her son for once, and she made it clear he would participate in an engagement party with Melissa or she would spill the beans about Quincy. Evil goes against evil, who will win people? Jim and Warlock had a conversation, where War learned Candace screwed him more than he ever knew to the tune of $7.4 million, not $4 million. He was livid, and Jim used this information to his advantage to draw Warlock into his web of evil.

Wow, hearing a bit about Warlock’s past makes me feel sorry for him. Such a cruel childhood, and it’s interesting to see Tyler Perry discuss race relations on this series finally. Warlock has evidence on Jim that he used as leverage, so the level of blackmail reaches new heights. A dangerous partnership has been ignited, and War knows all the details about Candace’s mortgage, and that in 15 days the houses and the tow yard will be no more if not paid in full.

The final moments of the episode saw David and Benny have a conversation that got quite tense and the two got into a scuffle, where David pulled out a gun, which got super tense. Man next week looks good, Mitch seems to know the details on David, Hanna might go to extreme measures to rescue her grandson and more surprises are certain to be revealed. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!