HOLLYWOOD—Another week, another fun episode with twists and turns on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Laugh Not to Cry’ picked up where last week ended with Benny escaping gunfire courtesy of the Malone clan. Thank God, Mitch arrived in the nick of time to protect Benny from being placed in a body bag. Benny pause the brakes on attempting to puff out your chest or ego. Back at Hanna’s place, Katheryn and pal chatted about the recent string of events, specifically, Hanna’s relationship with Derrick.

Benny and Mitch arrived at Hanna’s place as Derrick did his best to assure Benny not coming into the house roaring like a maniac. Wow, Benny is really starting to become a pain in the ass with his ego and I’m over it. Benny went into a tirade when he realized that his money he had in his passion disappeared. At long last, Benny was forced to admit that he got that money from Mitch’s family, and Mitch admitted to Hanna that his family does bad things. What, this left me floored that Hanna laughed for once, and it did not amuse Benny one bit. Mitch and Benny started to decipher potential suspects responsible for taking that money that is literally ‘blood’ money. Back at the Artesian Hotel, Candace seemed peeved to have to accept a call Benny warning her not to move and that he was coming to meet her. Candace be scared because you may have finally crossed your brother in a way that he may never forgive you!

Jim paid David another visit, where the two discussed ways to get Wyatt out of prison before it’s too late. Yes, Jim, Wyatt is in a precarious situation and his life is on the line. David asked about Erica’s whereabouts, and Jim broke the news to his pal that Erica is dead. I’m glad that someone finally broke the news to David instead of keeping him in the dark. He wept from the revelation, just as Jeffery found himself dealing with Justin’s jealously yet again. That nurse, who was willing to protect Jeffery from shocking Veronica, is a face from the past; he went to school with him. Madison looks like he has a thing for Jeffery, which did not bode well with Justin, who showed any guy showing affection to ‘his man’ is a threat to him.

Justin proved he is crazy where he not only accustomed Madison, and threatened him in so many words to stay away from Jeffery. This was only heightened by more crazy as Leslie paid Veronica a visit. She was looking to get cozy with Leslie, but she had an ulterior motive. Veronica pulled out his criminal record, which threw Leslie for a loop. Veronica has a motive, but I’m not certain what game she is looking to play now. She asked him questions about Leslie attempting to seduce Jeffery. This cat-and-mouse game was slightly frustrating as these two talked in circles.

Wyatt was really on a downward spiral in jail, and now the drama is really ramping up. Why? Benny confronted Candace about her antics, but he was angry as hell. Candace acting coy is not going to help the situation, as Benny started to turn against his sister in a major way. When Candace learned that Hanna was giving the money to the Cryer’s she was not happy to say the least. I love this tirade between brother and sister, and when Benny dropped the bomb about $45,000 being stolen from him Candace realized those funds belonged to her brother that he borrowed in hopes of purchasing a tow truck.

Benny wanted answers on the intruder, but Candace was not willing to budge, which led to an interesting development; the person was someone that Candace knew closely. After constant battles, Benny started to pack Candace’s belongings and discovered his funds in her possession and blood on the money. Oh, Candace you are in major trouble now! Yes, Benny you have put the pieces to the puzzle together: your sister staged the break-in to get those funds from Hanna. I never thought this day would happen, but the bond between brother and sister may finally be over.

I’m stunned because we have more episodes for season 6 of the series, which normally wraps in September, but noooooo! It looks like the series is stringing the audience along for more madness, when the show returns on October 2! Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!