HOLLYWOOD—The Ice Queen cracked, at long last she finally cracked during this week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Veronica Harrington could not take the sight of seeing Jeffery and Justin getting hot and heavy in the episode, ‘No Honor in this Game.” I can absolutely say it came to fruition for Veronica that her son is indeed gay and nothing she does is going to change that.

She lashed out and so did Jeffery making it crystal clear he is with Justin. However, her sudden appearance seemed to cause Jeffery to question the relationship, which prompted Justin to make veiled threats. It almost felt like a fatal attraction, if Justin can’t have Jeffery no one will have him. Looks like Charles is infatuated with Candace, so much to the point he is aiming to ensure any of her schemes blow up in her face.

Leslie conned his latest John in epic fashion to take his possessions and $10,000. Man, this kid is just as ruthless as Candace herself. Oscar learned from Jim that those funds he recovered were never transferred to his account. Oscar was bamboozled by Candace and Jim opened Oscar’s nose to realize that he placed the funds into the wrong account. Katheryn did not think Wyatt should get away with murder yet again, but Jim warned his wife that the Malone clan is not one to mess around with. Katheryn was ready to make a move to save her only living child, but Jim seemed stubborn about the situation.

Derrick continued to try to woo Hanna, who while tempted refused to move faster than Derrick wanted her to. Hanna was in for a shock, when Candace stopped by to see Benny. Once again, mother and daughter come face-to-face. When Candace asked Benny to hold some money, he was skeptical and rightfully so. I mean his sister screwed him with the tow yard and the house, but little brother stood by his sister. Benny asked for the dollar amount, which Candace refused to divulge, but when he discovered the dollar amount he was stunned to say the least.

Hanna wanted details on Candace’s reason for a private conversation, but Benny refused to budge. When Benny disrespected Melissa, Hanna forced him to show a bit of compassion and do his best to help Melissa find housing. However, things got dicey when Benny dropped a load of cash on the floor, and Hanna started to raise all sorts of questions. Well, looks like Benny owes Melissa one as she covered for his a**.

Wyatt was furious with the bank after discovering his money is all gone. Too bad his day got worst with the arrival of his mother who wanted to have a conversation with him about his behavior. Wyatt was hell bent on taking down his parents for all the turmoil caused in his life. Katheryn did her best to reason with her son, but in doing so it forced Wyatt to confess his true feelings about his mother.

While things looked like they were going great for Candace, she learned that if you betray people it will come back to bite you in the butt. Candace invited Rocky, Gia and Leslie to her room to have a conversation revealing that she is out of the game. Her protégés were angry as hell that she decided to abandon ship on them. She was being very generous with her co-workers allowing them to keep funds they earned.

However, Rocky was well aware that info he delivered to his ‘friend’ was a massive number. She refused to divulge details or deliver him a cut of her money. It looks like our vixen has created a new enemy, one that might be out for blood if she does not watch her back. Erica alerted David that she needed a bit of a break from their non-stop sex romp. Their conversation was halted when David realized that Veronica bugged his home and he located several devices his ex-wife planted. Damn, David doesn’t just know Veronica; he knows precisely where she would plant a bug.

The final moments of the episode were explosive to say the least when David and Erica were stunned to see both of his vehicles on fire courtesy of the Ice Queen herself. Benny was in for one hell of a shock, as he came across a dead body, and found himself in a dicey situation with a gun pointed at him. Next week looks intriguing to say the least, Benny finds himself in a situation, Candace is caught red-handed, Justin proves he is really obsessive and it looks like Veronica and Derrick hook-up! Tuesday can’t come back soon enough “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!