HOLLYWOOD—The games that one play. That was a major proponent in the most recent episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” Tuesday’s episode, ‘It’s OK to Love’ saw Candace and Officer Justin utilizing one another to keep their secrets at bay. Things picked up where last week left off with David walking into the lion’s den. Katheryn weaved a tale to make David suspect that Veronica attacked her (and considering his wife’s past actions it was no hard sell).

The Ice Queen is continuing to be punished for her misdeeds. Wow, Katheryn pointed the finger at Veronica for killing Jennifer Sallison. Yup, David suspects his wife murdered Jennifer and attacked Katheryn! Karma indeed has a way of coming back at you. David had reservations about his wife, and Katheryn learned Veronica set-up Maggie Day to have her murdered. Man this is juicy! David received a call from Jim learning that he has been released from jail, and he needed to get home ASAP.

Candace was really curt with Erica when she called to give her pal an update on things with David, and dropped a bomb that Warlock might be getting released from jail. That prompted Candace to let her pal know about the police searching her home, and her pal learned the dirty details she didn’t expect. Erica learned that Mitch set-up War not her; wow, Candace proves her loyalty only lies to Benny, NO ONE else. Her day only got worse, when Oscar decided to let himself into her car about a scheme she wanted no involvement in.

Officers Justin looked for a decoy, as officers continued to search the home where they found those compromising pictures of Judge Jim Cryer. Mitch stopped by Benny’s home to discuss details of their impending situation. Mitch tried to keep his spirits high, but it was apparent Benny was on the verge of tears. Benny holding out Hope for Candace will not deliver the result that you’re hoping for.

Ah, this bromance moment was a nice shift in dynamics for this series that is so dramatic and over-the-top at times. Now things get interesting, Mitch alluded to what he did to War, and thoughts popped into his mind about utilizing the money from the Malone clan to save what he has earned. Mitch was a smart one; even he knows how treacherous his grandmother and her goons can be. Things look good; a battle is looking to brew between Warlock and Benny. The cops arrived and Mitch was placed under arrest, we all know he’ll be out within a matter of minutes with his family connections.

Candace delivered some tough love to Jeffrey about not willing to fight to stay out of jail. Justin, Candace and Jeffrey were on a three-way call where Justin discovered that things are more complicated than he ever expected. Wow, look at Jeffrey play mediator to the situation. Jeffrey made threats for Candace to play by his rules; just as Wyatt was determined to leave the hospital and head home. Officer Justin devised a plan to utilize a red Sharpie pen and the Jacuzzi in the back yard. Either Justin is smart or he’s looking to set-up Candace and Jeffrey?

It became clear that Candace was well aware that Justin has feelings for Jeffrey. The vixen learned her money and those compromising photos are long gone. Hanna spent time on the porch with Benny as they waited for the authorities to come take possession of the home and all the items inside. What? Hanna gave a compliment to her daughter Candace for doing something good, but Benny’s aura was in a dark light. Man it was painful watching Benny hold onto hope.

Back to where the episode started, David patched up Katheryn’s flesh wound, just as Veronica recollected happier times in their marriage. That line Katheryn delivered to her former pal was beyond classic, but Veronica traded back with some slave rhetoric that was hilarious to watch. Veronica made a wicked threat to Katheryn about making enemies, so it was epic to see these ladies go to war, and I mean war. That resulted in Veronica thinking a conspiracy was put into motion to take her down.

Yes, the Ice Queen was frazzled and it looked like her mental state was breaking down, in a way I never witnessed before. David seemed annoyed by the constant bickering, and Katheryn alluded to the gun being next to Veronica who picked it up ready to fire. Hmm, I think Katheryn set her up, because Veronica has her hands on the murder weapon.

I can’t wait for next week, cause it looks like the body in the yard will finally be discovered, Mitch and Warlock will meet, and Jim is back to make waves. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!