HOLLYWOOD—Jim Cryer dropped a bomb during last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” noting that Celine was responsible for the murder of his daughter, Amanda. For those not in the know, this was a theory brought up by former District Attorney Jennifer Sallison who alerted David Harrington that all signs pointed to Amanda’s death being a homicide, not a suicide. However, that theory was never touched on again until now.

This week’s episode, ‘Pink Unicorns’ saw Celine reacting to that rumor, which also left Veronica speechless. Celine pleaded her innocence, as the Ice Queen seemed to ‘wink’ that she knows what Jim is up to: he’s planning to frame Celine for Amanda’s murder. We know Celine didn’t murder Amanda, and it looks like Jim always has a backup plan people.

Hanna paid a visit to Wyatt’s place and discovered Broderick in bed with several women, which Hanna made crystal clear she was the boss in charge and it was time to clean house. Broderick was afraid the tea might be spilled and I love this side of Hanna who is not afraid to say it like it is. Jim’s hitman and Veronica’s hitman went toe-to-toe in a parking garage. Jim asked his mark to take out Veronica and to take her out right now.

For these guys to be hitman this has to be the most pitiful fight I have seen in years. Both guys in the middle of their battle traded battle scars about working in the Navy and discovered they are not making enough money to be doing what they are doing. Looks like these guys are about to work together to take out Veronica Harrington, interesting, but very sloppy in the writing department people.

Benny just never learns. You’re calling Rianna knowing that this woman just put your life in mortal danger. Take a clue and stay far away, but nope, you don’t listen and it might be the thing that leads to your death. Candace made it clear to Benny that he needs to sit still. Now we are getting to the good stuff, Vinny and Mitch having that talk. Mitch seemed nervous to say the least people and Uncle Vinny had some questions he wanted answers to. I would have liked to see Mama Rose in the flesh as the woman is a character and a hoot to see on the small screen, it was apparent Mitch was nervous, as Vinny beat around the bush on the actual issue at hand. Vinny schooled Mitch that he is in deep with Jim Cryer and David Harrington. Vinny noted he needed to punish his nephew for lying to the family and was forced to take a beating as a result.

Making the situation worse is that Benny and Candace are no longer being protected. Damn if your own family can beat you up that bad, I wouldn’t want to be tied to them in any fashion either. Totally explains why Mitch wanted to stay as far as possible from his family business. Katheryn wanted Hanna to have Broderick removed from Wyatt’s place ASAP and her blood was boiling people. Broderick was stunned to hear from Katheryn with Hanna on the receiving end, with Wyatt passed out in the chair. Katheryn heard Wyatt in the background and it worried her sick. Hanna is about to get confirmation on the situation which is indeed spiraling people.

The Ice Queen showed up at a gay club and insulted a drag queen who was ready to put a beating on Veronica as she came searching for someone, and came face-to-face with a man who is apparently from her past who was gay, and kept her in the dark. Hmm, this might explain why Veronica is homophobic and I’m starting to wonder if that tale about David not being Jeffrey’s father might be true! This woman is a character people!

Ugh, I am so over this Senator Wesley people! He has to be the most annoying and pointless character on the soap. Why in the hell is this guy here? Candace was annoyed to the core with his presence, as he tried to shed some light on Charles’ past and his wife committing suicide (hmm, I don’t think any of this is true). Landon was so right about Senator Wesley, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall and for the audience to learn EXACTLY what his angle is.

Wyatt was still drugging himself out while drinking in the process, as Broderick tried to warn the dummy. Wyatt wanted to take Broderick to his parents place to steal items to score more drugs. Well, Broderick might be a cheater, but at least he’s not willing to allow a crackhead to kill himself. Back at the Malone bar, Sandi strolled in bruised and beaten, and Vinny was disappointed that his nephew got his butt kicked. Vinny pushed his nephew to kill Benny Young on his own, not with the family’s assistance. Hmm, it looks like Vinny is totally changing things for the Malone clan, not sure Mama Rose will be happy with how things are being run.

Ok, with ONLY 3 episodes left before things culminate in an explosive way, Candace comes face-to-face with a ghost from the past in Oscar next week! Wait I’m certain he died when he was pushed out that window, and the audience got confirmation of it. So Tyler Perry, I cannot wait to you spin this twist. Either Oscar has a twin or Candace is dreaming those are the only two logical theories. Ugh, ‘Temptation Tuesday’ needs to hurry up “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards! Until next week.