HOLLYWOOD—This was indeed such a fun episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” I cannot recall the last time a moment caught me off guard. This week’s episode, ‘Second Chances,’ saw the entire aftermath of what appeared to be a fatal shooting to have far more repercussions than anyone ever expected. David confirmed that the body under the sheet was NOT Jeffery, which led to Madison being fired for his mishap. Looks like that’s the last we’ve seen of this character America.

Veronica showed up at Justin’s abode, surprised to see Jeffery answer the door. She wanted to chat, but Jeffery wanted nothing of it, as it was revealed Justin pulled the trigger, but it was blanks. Jeffery was not happy, so he stormed out, just as Justin and Veronica traded more barbs. The one thing that entertains the hell out of me about Justin is his fearlessness; this guy will call the Ice Queen every name in the book without any concern. Veronica showed a bit of compassion to Jeffery’s plight, but his ire for his mother is too much to forgive.

She parked her vehicle next to Jeffery preventing him from leaving. It turned to utter chaos when Justin arrived out of nowhere to deliver a slap to the Ice Queen’s face. She was horrified; Jeffery was stunned and went into attack mode going after Justin for striking his mother. So it appears Jeffery, while hating his mother’s guts, will still defend her from harm. It was a three-way brawl that culminated when David broke up the situation. Veronica turned on everyone, just as she issued a threat to Justin, and I sense she will carry thru with the threat. When you cross this woman, she ALWAYS gets her revenge.

David really wanted to clue Jeffery into his plan to take down Veronica, but he continued to play his cards close to the vest. RK returned to the Cryer estate with Katheryn’s car and drugs that Wyatt begged for. He toyed with the remaining child of Jim and Katheryn, before getting Wyatt to hand over his mom’s expensive watch. Oh, this is not going to end good people, not at all. Charles and Candace arrived at his home, as our vixen learned more about her current lover’s past. Too bad these two were not aware of the plans by Scott and his boss to take Charles and Candace down.

Yes, Scott is implementing his plan flawlessly getting RK to eat from the palm of his hand, as well as Rocky. The only person not willing to play ball is Broderick, who knows all too well, what is about to go down. Jim and Katheryn made arrangements to pick up that $75,000 to hand off to the Malone clan to secure Wyatt’s safety and pay off that debt. The one thing the audience learned is that Jim is very broke and this will play a vital role in the big surprise that transpires at the end of the episode.

It looks like the FBI is looking to utilize Jim Cryer as their muse to take down Charles and Candace. Hmm, I’m not sure this is a wise choice because Jim can be a hothead, and he has plenty of leverage when it comes to power thanks to his wife Katheryn. Let’s just say her father’s legacy lives. Veronica filed a police report to have Justin arrested for assaulting her and it looks like her sinister plan to teach Justin a lesson is about to go into play.

The final moments delivered a twist that I saw coming from a mile away. That $8 million that Hanna and Benny thought was in their bank account was long gone. So the question I have is WHO TOOK IT? We know it wasn’t Jim, Katheryn or Wyatt. That leaves only one person: Candace, but hasn’t she turned over a new leaf? Next week Justin gets arrested, beat up in jail, Veronica is in for a shock, and it looks like Charles is about to pull out all the stops to ensure that Candace and her hideous misdeeds stay hidden. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!