HOLLYWOOD—Well the tension continues to build on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” This week’s episode, ‘Someone Special’ saw Hanna giving Derrick the cold shoulder after he was accustomed by the cops for the potential break-in at the Cryer home. Derrick I really don’t understand how you think Hanna would want you anywhere in her orbit after what you did to her.

David showed up at the Cryer residence on Jim’s behalf, and found himself being ignored by Hanna as he poked his nose where it didn’t belong. Oh, a betrayed Hanna is one who I will root for no matter what. I must admit the Malone clan is getting a bit under my skin. Vinny must have forgotten he was just on life support, and Mama Rose has never gone against an opponent like Katheryn Cryer. So the Malone family may have finally met their match if you’re asking me.

Mama Rose strutted her power to get strings pulled from the Chief of Police to get bounced from her cell a bit early. Katheryn called out the big bad and it was apparent her blood was boiling. Mama Rose poked fun at the death of Amanda before threatening Wyatt’s life as well as Katheryn. Sandi alerted Mitch that their uncle shot an officer in the head at the police station. Justin came face-to-face with Jeffery who acknowledge that Madison is now his ‘man’ and it was apparent just felt some kind of way about the situation.

The pity party came into full effect, but Jeffery found himself gloating which is not the smartest thing to do when you’re dealing with someone like Justin who is a loose cannon capable of doing all types of crazy things. Benny finally came to Candace’s rescue, but little did the siblings know that Hanna was on her way to confront her children about their devious deeds.

Hanna preached about doing the right thing before posed questions about Derrick raping her it caused Hanna to freeze. Benny got the confirmation when Candace and Hanna denied accusations; Candace tried to deflect, but it was apparent Hanna was rattled by the bomb. This was a shocker that I didn’t expect, Veronica and David making love. This must be a ploy on David’s part to neutralize the Ice Queen once and for all. Hmm, great way to tease the audience Mr. Perry, Veronica was dreaming of what she wanted and it brought her to tears in the process.

Mitch threw Benny off Derrick’s scent courtesy of Candace. Benny fell for it hook, line and sinker. However, when Mama Rose and the rest of the clan arrived at the bar Benny bounced quicker than you can count to three people. Looks like Mama Rose might be scared if she is fleeing to sunny weather, which posed a big question: WHY? She then made it clear to Vinny that she wanted Wyatt captured and held until she received that $1 million from the Cryer family.

Wyatt really has it bad and is a heroin addict to the core, where after he was turned down for attempting to trade jewelry for drugs got his fix, before he headed to the Iron Bone Bar, the same place that got him in trouble the last time and it was a crime of opportunity he never expected. As Candace prepared to say her goodbye to Candace, Derrick showed up. Benny read between the lines: Derrick is Candace’s father!

Derrick confessed he had a major drug problem which resulted in the actions he took. Candace seemed cold, as she shut the door to her father directly in his face without so much as shedding a tear or needing any explanation. Vinny started to question that family arrangement with the Cryer family that was to pay off Wyatt’s debt. A drugged Wyatt stumbled into the facility.

Next week looks chaotic as Wyatt finds himself in the crosshairs of the Malone, Hanna and David trade spars and it looks like Katheryn is about to unleash the villainess in her that fans have been dying to see.  Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!