HOLLYWOOD—I will admit last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and Haves Nots” was a bit slow for my liking. Good thing the drama picked up significantly in this week’s episode, ‘The Long Drive Home’ which saw Hanna going to war with David and Jim over Katheryn’s estate. Jim the bully and David the lapdog learned the hard way that Hanna is no pushover. Jim was irate as David attempted to reason with Hanna. Jim Cryer just will never learn, this guy is such a tool and to be as disrespectful as ever.

Jim you still have not connected the dots that you are not in control of Katheryn’s affairs, Hanna Young is and it’s about time for you to receive a wakeup call buddy. David was hoping to get answers from Hanna who made it clear he’d better chat with Katheryn. David issued a threat and Hanna called his bluff, oh the tension waiting for this to explode had me waiting for the moment that David attempted to strong arm a woman, not knowing what he was doing. David tested Hanna and clocked in the head with a candle stick. David called the cops, and I cannot wait to see the egg on these two’s face.

The Ice Queen is back and she was missed with her wicked barbs as she walked Celine out the door after she just barged in without knocking. How people tolerate this woman I will never know America. Celine graveled as Veronica made it clear she was in control and she did not care the least about her personal problems. Oh, that Spanish that Celine delivered to insult Veronica was hilarious people. Now this is the Celine I want to see more of America.

So just like I expected, Benny is about to be caught in another web of danger by messing around with Sandi’s flame, unaware of her connection to the Malone clan. This is only going to boil that Malone blood even more. What?! David actually has a conscience? He found himself nearly offended by his pals’ words. David actually has a backbone and I was happy to see it finally come to fruition.

Looks like Hanna touched a bone when she poked at David and knowing his mother’s history it was striking a cord with Mr. Harrington people. Seeing Hanna school Jim and David on her knowledge of the Cryer finances had me in stitches and in the best possible way. Questions arose about Candace potentially being pregnant just as she teased Benny about going after the realtor. That was only complicated by an appearance with Mitch. Benny seemed to be jealous that Mitch was buddy/pals with Candace, much to his chagrin. Looks like Wyatt will not be getting his way, unless I’m missing something with this doctor, who wants to chat with him daily to keep him out of jail. Sandi paid his ex-Brianna a visit, and he caused a major scene. Her boss made it clear if she doesn’t get away from Sandi she could be in serious danger. Hmm, could we see a Malone meet their maker this season? It is starting to feel that way America.

Katheryn was riled up that Marty couldn’t get her out of jail, so she decided to fire him. It raised his intrigue that Katheryn might hire her frenemy Veronica to get her out of prison. However, Marty revealed that The Ice Queen might be called as a witness in her trial, which raised concerns for the titan. Veronica received a visit from her mark that provided her evidence that she is being followed all the time every time she leaves.

She also learned that Colby is an escort, and it looks like Veronica is planning to set up Colby, but be careful Ice Queen, he’s a former marine. This lady is busy; she is also looking for Intel on Tanner, Justin’s brother. Veronica, you are just too damn thirsty of a woman, you are coming across desperate to say the least. So the episode begins where it ends, with the authorities finally arriving at the Cryer home as the big bomb I’ve been waiting for finally came to light. David wanted to receive paperwork, and explained to the authorities that she has the right to the paperwork because she is Katheryn Cryer’s Executor of the Estate. It left Jim and David speechless, better yet floored.

Next week looks crazy, as Landon lets Candace in on the fact that he knows about her possibly being pregnant. David puts out the question about Benny, Candace and their arrangement with Mitch to Vinny and Jim thinks threatening Hanna will get him what he wants. Can ‘Temptation Tuesday’ come any faster? Until next week “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!