HOLLYWOOD—It may have seemed like a lifetime, but it’s only been a month since Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” ended its last season. Well, HAHN fans rejoice because the new season kicked off on Tuesday, picking up precisely where things left off, with the audience learning the fate of Wyatt Cryer. The premiere episode, ‘The Long Game,’ say Alyssa screaming false accusations against David that were not accurate.

See David, this is what transpires when you sleep with random women. Alyssa wanted revenge for David being responsible for a years old case that led to the separation of Alyssa from her sister. She had plans to make David pay, but he seemed onto her con America. Oh, and we got new opening credits America! Alyssa tried to con David, but he outconned her and she looked pitiful in the process. His rage erupted, and he showed a bit of compassion when he realized his action impacted Alyssa’s life in more ways than he imagined. The situation only got more complicated as the cops arrived on the scene.

The cops rescued Wyatt who had a pulse, so he’s not dead America. Once again, Wyatt has cheated death. Veronica continued to have fun with her boy toy, but I wonder how Laura will fill about his betrayal. What is the Ice Queen up to, this doesn’t feel like fun and games, she is starting to tie up loose ends for the moment before she makes her move. Well at last, Hanna received a visit from Marty and Katheryn’s accountants. Her accountants tried to puff their chests, but Hanna stood her ground and she made it clear she was not signing or making any moves before speaking to Hanna first.

She might not be wise to the business aspect, but Hanna is nobody’s fool people. Oh, this constant squabbling between Landon and Oliver is just beyond annoying. That was until Landon dropped the bomb on Oliver about his cocaine problem. Landon issued threats, and it only unnerved Oliver to say the least. Not sure if that was a smart move or not. Hanna came face-to-face with a Lisa who seemed a bit too cozy and it immediately raised blinders on Hanna Young people.

Lisa was forced to reveal her true identity that she was a reporter and digging for details that did NOT make Hanna happy to say the least. Katheryn was busy coming to terms with the fact that she was still behind bars and not free on bail. Katheryn was unraveling when she got new news about Wyatt’s second attempt on suicide. She bribed Kendrick with money, who was conflicted on doing what was morally right versus what was financially right. Too bad not many Americans encounter such circumstances.

Derrick warned his protégé to be careful about getting too close to Veronica. Laura questioned her beau about his whereabouts and it was apparent friction in their relationship is building as a result of Veronica. So it’s apparent that Oliver knows a lot about the relationship between Candace and Hanna that not even Landon is aware of. Charles has to be one of the most boring characters on this series to date. He has gone from wanting to take down Candace to almost being obsessed with her. Now Charles is pushing Landon to pay visits to check on Candace, which she will NOT like at all people.

Hanna was busy learning the biz when she was interrupted by Derrick of all people. Oh, I cannot wait till next week, as Hanna pulls a knife on Derrick, David ‘pushes’ Jim to take control of Katheryn’s estate and Wyatt begs for forgiveness yet again. Oh, that teaser is saying a lot: David making moves on Hanna, Candace becoming intertwined with Mitch and Charles, Veronica sleeping with more power players, we can only ask for more people. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!