HOLLYWOOD—On March 11, actor Corey Haim died at his mother’s home in Burbank at the Oakwood Apartments. He was pronounced upon transfer to Providence St. Joseph Medical Center also located in Burbank. Rumors surfaced and have continued to persist that his death was related to an accidental drug overdose, an unreported illness or possibly a combination of both. At the time of Corey’s passing, investigators recovered several bottles of prescription medications, mostly empty, from his bedroom. It has been reported that Haim’s mother told authorities that she had emptied the bottles in the toilet so no one else could get the medication.

This week the L.A. Coroner’s final findings on Haim’s death were released to the public. Ending speculation that actor Corey Haim died of a drug overdose, an L.A. County coroner’s office autopsy later found that the former child star died of pneumonia. It further stated that illegal drugs were not a factor, the coroner found. “The toxicology report revealed no significant contributing factor,” said the report in part, which also noted the 38-year-old actor had heart disease. Specifically it pointed out Haim had an enlarged heart and some badly blocked blood vessels. This had never been reported before and it is unknown whether Haim’s mother and family knew about his condition. The actor had complained previously in the days before his death of flu-like symptoms.

Before the final report was released, Attorney General Jerry Brown, who is a candidate for governor of the state, had cited Haim’s case as an example of problems with prescription drug abuse. In the weeks before his death there was evidence that Corey was doctor shopping, and obtained over 500 pills of powerful prescription medications from seven doctors and as many different pharmacies, Brown said at the time. Calls to the Attorney General’s office have not been returned after the release of the autopsy findings.

Though this ends speculation and rumors about the cause of Haim’s death, the California Attorney General’s office continues to investigate and prosecute some high profile death cases allegedly involving inappropriate prescription writing in the deaths of the late pop icon Michael Jackson and former cover girl model Anna Nicole Smith.

Haim, who was 38 at the time of his death, had been an ’80s teen heartthrob along with his best friend and “Lost Boys” costar Core Feldman. They had participated recently in an A&E reality television show which covered their experiences as child stars during that era.

He was born in Toronto, Canada on December 23, 1971. Ironically, Haim’s favorite actor had been James Dean, who also died very young in a tragic accident. Haim was buried in Toronto in March, with best friend Corey Feldman being asked by Haim’s mother to not attend the funeral for personal reasons. Feldman obliged but says he offered his condolences privately and also by posting an online memorial in his late friend’s honor.

Though acting roles were hard to find after the 1980s, Haim did work throughout the 1990s, but parts became very sparse by the 2000s. His last projects include, “American Sunset” and “New Terminal Hotel,” which are not expected to become box office successes if released. The final film he worked on this year is titled, “Decisions.” It is still being listed on IMDB under post-production, but there is no further information about a release date. There are other projects listed that also do not give any dates of releases as well.

Canyon News attempted to contact Haim’s mother Judy; however, she did not return calls by press time.