HOLLYWOOD—I have been waiting for this movie since the 2018 rebirth of “Halloween” was released in theaters. If the coronavirus pandemic had never transpired, the third and final installment franchise, “Halloween Ends” would have arrived in October 2021.

The first trailer was released to audiences in July 2022, and the final trailer was released this week. I thought the first trailer was perfect because it gave the audience very little to play with. That’s a good thing in a trailer people. The less the audience knows the better. We live in a world of technology now, so you can re-watch a trailer over and over again, and someone who REALLY wanted to connect the dots would be able to figure who lives, who dies and crucial plot points in the horror universe.

With that said, the newest “Halloween Ends” trailer makes it crystal clear that either the boogeyman, known as Michael Myers or Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) will die. Do I think one will live and the other will die? Yes, but I feel like we might see a situation where both possibly die. The audience knows that Laurie Strode is attempting to move on with her life after the bloodbath Michael Myers shed in Haddonfield, IL in 2018 and has since vanished. Amongst that bloodshed, Laurie’s daughter, Karen was killed by Myers and her granddaughter, Allyson was seriously injured.

Laurie is writing a memoir and trying to put the past behind, but when a resident, Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) is accused of murdering a little boy he was babysitting the lure of Myers comes back into the mix. The trailer toys with the idea that Laurie might be losing her mind of Michael Myers sightings or someone intentionally making her think that.

We know at least two people die, as we see the actual death of one person at the hands of Michael, and another who is a DJ is certainly meeting his maker.  In addition, there are plenty of quick shots of chaos as Myers or someone who looks like Michael Myers roaming the streets of Haddonfield. Of course the trailer builds up to a climactic moment where Laurie has the upper hand against her assailant who she unmasks as she prepares to drive a butcher knife into his body. A huge fight ensues and cut to black.

This final trailer really teases the audience even more while giving a few nuggets, but not so many nuggets you can piece the entire story together. “Halloween” first arrived in theaters in 1978, so 44 years later it is finally coming to an end people, who will be left standing? We’ll have to wait and see. “Halloween Ends” arrives in theaters on Friday, October 14. The film will also stream the same day on Peacock.