HOLLYWOOD—10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year 2020! What a year it has been, not bad at all. A year of learning, awareness, growth and maturity. The end of the year is near and there is still hope. If you are reading this, whoever you are, I just want you to know and realize, that your story is still going. Don’t give up on yourself. We are all stories still going off hope. Let’s make 2020, the best year ever, full of health, wealth and happiness. The year 2019, was interesting, let’s hope that 2020 will be the same or better.

The holiday season can be really hard especially if you feel that a relationship is about to end. It’s only natural to think you’ll celebrate with your partner, give gifts, visit family, and spend the season side by side. So the idea of pulling the plug on all that, right when expectations are high, can be tricky. Yet, if you feel that something is wrong, it usually is. If a relationship isn’t working, it’s fine to end it even though the holidays are right here. It can even be kind, in a way, not to lead a partner on through the festivities, only to break up with them in the new year.

Instead, focus on ways to make the break up less terrible, find the right time, and then do it. Following the time-tested bandage method, where you rip it off (or end the relationship) quickly, is usually the least painful option. If you’re going to break up with someone, be direct about it. The holidays are stressful enough and your partner doesn’t need the extra drama of ghosting, slow fading, or anything else except a clean breakup.

It may be tempting to ignore texts or bail on holiday parties as a way of slowly stepping out of a relationship, but being straightforward is best. And don’t wait until the last minute, either. The longer you wait to end it, the more you’ll disrupt everyone’s holiday schedule. It’s going to throw your partner through a loop, but even more so if they don’t have time to make other plans.

If you need to break up with someone during the holidays, do it sooner rather than later. Once you’ve broken up try to take good care of yourself, especially as you head out to gatherings and dinners. It is difficult to breakup before the holidays because of shame, fear and what others will think of you both. You might not want to face your family or have to explain why your partner isn’t present, but keep in mind why it needed to end and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about the timing. Breaking up is always difficult and there is no good time to do it. If the relationship is truly over, then you don’t have to feel guilty ending it over the holidays. Instead, rest assured you ended well, and try to move on from there.

After the breakup, you have to be the strong, independent woman like you were before the relationship. Remind yourself of J-Lo, who went from relationship to relationship until she found the one. Lady Gaga as well, who devoted her time into a new line of makeup. She did a two-day pop-up shop at the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles in the beginning of December. Previously, the collection of lip liners, shimmer powders and lipsticks, which was announced in July and hit Amazon’s virtual shelves in mid-September, has been available only online.

The brand’s first brick-and-mortar retail space is scheduled to take up residence between the American Girl store and the Pottery Barn Kids store on December 5 and 6, showcasing the festive, holiday-themed Cosmic Love collection. Haus Laboratories’ three-piece Angel Baby collection, which launched November 18, includes a shimmer powder, a lip liner and a lip gloss and retails for $49.

It was among the products stocked at the brand’s two-day pop-up at The Grove. The Haus Laboratories products range from $16 for a lip liner to $96 for a Glam Attack Holiday Set of six shimmery liquid eyeshadow shades (which made this year’s list of Oprah’s Favorite Things), with most individual items falling in the $20 to $22 range.

Rose’s Scoop: Wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous, Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued readership.