UNITED STATES – What is it about being humble that so many people fail to grasp? I honestly have the slightest clue, but I suspect it comes with people living a life where they feel entitled. This is not to say all those who are born into wealth aren’t humble individuals, as that’s not the case. But I’m seeing more and more celebrities failing to acknowledge that they should take a slice of humble pie every so often.


I mean the things that some celebrities do and the things they say, knowing their every move or word is been tracking in social media or the paparazzi is so alarming. My first gut reaction is did he/she really just say that? Did they just behave in that manner in the public sphere? Some celebrities live in a world where they fail to acknowledge that being a ‘celebrity’ is a privilege.


It’s not something destined to last forever; one’s popularity can be at its peak one minute and spiral out of control in a matter of minutes. Look at Justin Bieber, when he first arrived on the scene he was everywhere and adored by all, now the singer is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. His behavior has caused many to turn against him; some have even talked about deportation for the Canadian citizen.


I do suspect to some degree the celebrity lifestyle is a fraud that is placed onto the public time and time again. We see it so much on television and movies; we’ve come to accept it as a reality. That fraud just further ignites a celebrity’s notion that they are untouchable. They can become distant to fans, to the media and all the other outlets that are responsible for their fame.


Some celebrities have to acknowledge that the public is indeed responsible for their fame. At any given time it can be snatched away from them. Its okay to keep a distance from the crazed fans, but it’s important to acknowledge those who are paying to attend concerts, purchase books, watching your movies and television shows.


Imagine this, what if all of America just stopped going to concerts, reading books, watching movies and television, attending sporting events: what would happen. Let’s just say a ton of celebrities would be brought down to the everyday citizen’s life. That’s why that slice of humble pie is so important. Don’t get too high on your pedestal where you assume you can’t be knocked off celebrity or not. Trust me, every now and then reality smacks all of us in the face making us come to the realization what we have can be taken from us at any moment.