HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Haves Nots” ended with David and Benny getting into a tense scuffle as they wrestled over a gun. This week things picked up precisely where they left off in the episode ‘Back in Business’ that saw Mitch diffuse the situation. David admitted to Benny that he was the person who set him up with the car and the cocaine. Mitch had a conversation with David explaining that he needs to get the phones turned back on at the tow yard, and made threats.

David better be careful, you’re making lots of enemies and received a call from Rose who warned him to stay away from Mitch. Whoa, this is a game changer people! Rose is related to Mitch, who happens to be her grandson. Oh, this is so good people, quite twisted and crazy to say the least. She made threats and David did his best to try to counter her threats, but she is not a woman to mess with buddy. So we finally have a name, Oscar is actually Brandon people!

Candace continued watching Oscar from a distance, just as she updated Erica on how to best approach David to nab his attention. Candace be careful not to screw over the people who have your back to get what you want. Hanna finally got in touch with Candace to alert him that her son would be placed in foster care if she did not come pick him up from the hospital. Dammit Candace, as much as I’d like to root for you, you do some dirty stuff. Get your priorities fixed!

Benny your ego is a lot bigger than what it should be. Just as Mitch promised, the phones are ringing like crazy again. Erica staged a scene to nab the attention of David who was at the bar catching a drink. Jesus, that performance was horrible, and the fact that it caught David’s attention left me speechless. I can’t believe Erica is following Candace’s orders like she’s the boss. Well, well, Candace followed Oscar aka Brandon to his residence. Candace’s nosy neighbor spied, which caught the attention of Hanna who stopped by to pay her daughter a visit, and it appears a foul smell was in the air. That would be the body of Quincy people! Uh-oh, Hanna got glimpse of a picture of Quincy entering Candace’s home, and the nosy neighbor spilled all the tea! Candace arrived home and was not happy to see her mother.

Does not look good Candace, because Hanna knows something is up regarding Quincy. Gosh, it would be nice to see mother and daughter attempt to patch things up. It was heartbreaking to see Hanna beg for custody of her grandson, just as Candace took her mother’s last. Be careful Candace, because Hanna has power, and that name is Katheryn Cryer. She asked Hanna to convince Benny to sue the Cryer clan. Looks like Hanna is about to do the unthinkable to ensure she gains custody of her grandchild from her daughter. Looks like Hanna struck a chord with her daughter when she chatted about her lack of parenting skills as a mother and her inability to truly care for her child.

Jim got an update from his banker to retrieve more than $2 million in cash to pay off Candace. Jim realized Candace forged documents and implemented a new plan to torture his enemy even further. Hanna stopped by to visit Katheryn who informed her that she amended her will leaving her $5 million when she dies. Hanna noted she would not accept that type of money, but Katheryn insisted she would not take no for an answer.

Hanna asked Katheryn if she would get her out of jail if she was arrested. She alerted her boss that she was about to do something bad and would need her help, but wouldn’t divulge precisely what she was going to do. We know it pertains to Quincy Jr.

Candace and Jeffrey had a conversation where both friends talked a bit about their current predicaments, and she revealed that she is concerned about her son’s wellbeing. Jeffrey tried to inform Candace that her mother is not as bad as she thinks. It looks like Candace is not ready to forgive Hanna, which explains the hostility. Wow, she is planning to give her child up for adoption. This is the rawest we’ve seen Candace since the start of the series. Jeffrey alerted Candace that his mother is forcing him to propose to Melissa and she even egged him to snap on his mother again.

The final moments of the episode saw Hanna break her grandson out of the hospital. You go Hanna, rescue that boy! I’m interested to see next week’s episode, as Hanna has hidden her grandson at Katheryn’s place and Veronica is up to her old tricks once again. Two episodes, two episodes before the finale that is certain to shock “Haves and Have Nots” fans. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ die-hards!