HOLLYWOOD—After nearly two years of patiently waiting, audiences finally got to see the confession from Katheryn Cryer to Hanna Young that her son Wyatt was involved in the hit-and-run incident that nearly killed her son Benny on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” The latest episode on the drama, ‘I Choose My Son,’ saw friends become enemies.

The episode opened with Quita and her pal stopping by Candace’s abode yet again, but that nosy neighbor called the police to warn of danger lurking. They broke into Candace’s home looking for details about Quincy’s whereabouts and his cell phone. Quita located her brother’s phone with traces of blood on it. That prompted her to realize that something horrible has happened to her brother.

David in a panic did his best to get into contact with his wife to prevent any harm from happening to her. It was apparent Veronica is back to her old self as she gloated to Jim about being released, having no idea what he has planned for her. Justin and his pals arrested Quita and her friend for breaking into Candace’s home.

When authorities pointed out that Jeffery was driving Quita’s car, it created a firestorm where Justin ordered Jeffrey to enter Candy’s home. He suspected that Jeffrey was hiding something and dug a bit deeper, and caused Jeffrey to sweat a bit. Justin decided to use a bit of blackmail to get what he wanted from Jeffrey, and wine drinking led the officer and Jeffrey to Candace’s bedroom.

Landon and Candace had a conversation where our vixen made plans to get the information she needed on Oscar. Little did Landon know he would not be meeting some hot guy. Veronica got the scoop from Quita that someone is waiting at her home to ambush her, which raised the Ice Queen’s interest. David did his best to convince Jennifer to not allow Veronica to leave the prison, but she refused to listen to any of his BS.

Justin played 20 questions with his newfound pal to get any information he could obtain, but Jeffrey was tight-lipped, and the two had a scuffle where Jeffrey proved he is no punk. Hmm, looks like Officer Justin is hiding in the closet. Veronica was forced to face the scrutiny of the press as she was released from prison. Back at The Sarandon Hotel, Candace teased Landon about his mystery date as they entered his room.

Landon was in for a big surprise, as he came face-to-face with someone looking for answers. Erica showed up with another pal and they demanded answers. Candace went into beast mode slapping faces to get answers from Landon, and with the snap of a finger she dropped her pal without the blink of an eye. He acknowledged that Oscar had set him up, but Landon was so frightened I think these BFFs will no longer share sordid tales anymore.

Officer Justin caused Jeffery to be on edge after he pointed a gun at his face. Jeffrey pegged that Justin creeps him out, and that he is secretly attracted to him and it caused the officer to get physical with Jeffrey. As Jeffrey dug into Justin’s psyche about his fear of coming out, it only infuriated his rage more. Tyler Perry saved the best for last, as Katheryn and Hanna had the sit down that nearly broke my heart. These are two women who shared such a powerful bond, and a secret that had been buried was dug up causing all sorts of accusations and emotions to erupt.

Hanna asked Katheryn to admit to Wyatt’s involvement in Benny’s crash. She informed her employer that Wyatt confessed to her. Katheryn did her best to keep her one true friend, but Hanna was not open to her pal’s forgiveness. It was true; Hanna always had that gut instinct that Wyatt was responsible for her son’s accident. Hanna shared a tale about her uncle when she was a child, which resulted in her uncle being killed. Katheryn was on the verge of tears when Hanna begged her pal to tell her the truth. Hanna noted that she was no longer working for the Cryer residence. She begged Hanna to help her in her time of need, as she realized that Wyatt was on the verge of a downward spiral.

Hanna begged for her check, by Katheryn refused to give Hanna her check until the 1st of the month. Wow, that was an epic showdown I never expected that to happen; Katheryn showcased that she can turn on even the nicest people if she doesn’t get what she wants. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ my “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!