HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode, before the season four finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” and man was this an episode full of surprises for fans. ‘The Silk Handkerchief’ saw the walls start to close in on Candace who had to divulge the dirty truth to Benny about mortgaging the tow yard and his house. Lloyd made it clear if Candace didn’t come up with $2 million all the properties would be lost or they could choose to liquidate all properties.

Benny was literally dumbfounded, and at a complete loss for words, he was actually in tears! Candace confessed the entire truth to Benny about how she met Jim Cryer and all the dirty deeds that transpired. It was tough watching Benny just listen to Hanna divulge the truth and not react.

She revealed to Benny that Warlock was threatening to kill her over the $2 million he wanted, and that she was raped by him. She told him War was in jail and was set-up with drugs by Mitch to take the fall. Finally, Candace spills the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Jeez, he didn’t believe a word that Candace just told (but Benny she is ACTUALLY telling you the truth for once)! Benny is so stupid it’s not funny.

Benny informed Hanna that Candace is going to allow her to keep Quincy Jr., and for once Candace didn’t argue with her brother. It was apparent Hanna knew something was wrong with her son. Katheryn paid Jim a visit in jail to chat about a way to get the money back that Wyatt got from his inheritance. Erica continued to use her beauty to catch David’s attention, which worked with her flat tire. Wow, David falls so easy for women, perhaps it’s because of all the hell that Veronica put him through.

Jennifer Sallison decided to get the scoop on what’s up with Candace, Benny and Hanna, and it looked like she was planning an ambush involving Quita. Jennifer you should be careful because if Katheryn sees you by her son’s bedside hell will break lose. When she dropped the bomb that Quincy’s sister was at the DA’s office and that she suspected the siblings of being responsible for Quincy’s murder, they seemed slightly rattled. Quita caused a scene per usual and started singing the blues. Candace came up with a legitimate excuse to cover their tracks.

Looks like Erica is getting David to loosen up. I mean I’m dying to see Erica go to battle with Veronica. It would be good to see two strong-willed ladies trade spars for David’s affections. Back at the DA’s office, Jennifer got the warrant lifted against Hanna, but it was evident Jennifer went to dig and see what information she could find to serve a warrant on Candace’s property.

Oscar aka Brandon paid David a visit, and it was evident that David wanted Brandon to look into Erica’s past to see what he could find out about her. Brandon started to spill the details that this woman might be pulling a con on him. Looks like Mr. Perry is slowly building the narrative that is certain to explode for the season four finale.

As predicted, Candace’s nosy neighbor spilled the details about a foul odor at Candace’s home and that she witnessed a man enter the property and not leave it. Damn, this is why old people can be so annoying, they’re so damn nosy. Back at the Cryer mansion, Hanna took care of her grandson, just as Katheryn got an earful on the latest rumblings, all good news for once. Katheryn made a call to Lloyd wanting every penny of Wyatt’s inheritance sent back. Things got crazy people in the final moments, because Katheryn unlocked that safe and retrieved the gun; I can only imagine what this woman has planned, but it will be drastic to say the least.

The final moments of the episode saw Justin giving Jeffrey a call to alert him that the authorities are about to serve a search warrant on Candace’s house. Jeffrey played coy, but was slowly unraveling as Justin begged him to divulge the truth. Next week’s finale is going to be epic people, Veronica and Quita go to war, and Katheryn unleashes hell on Veronica FINALLY! Next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ will be one hell of a ride “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!