HOLLYWOOD—At the start of season 5 of Tyler Perry’s hit “The Haves and the Have Nots,” I thought it was the end of the ice queen, better known as Veronica Harrington. Well, never count out a good villain people. This week’s episode, ‘A Hurricane Offshore’ saw Veronica come face-to-face with her newest enemy, Erica, who has the hots for David. Too bad Veronica has no idea that Erica is a pal of Candace’s and their aim is to payback David for stealing all of her money.

Erica played coy while David was well aware that his wife was up to no good yet again. Veronica traded spars with Erica, before making it clear to David she will not be tossed away. Erica was not afraid of Veronica’s threats, and seeing that woman toss her middle finger at her newest foe was hilarious to say the least. David wanted to warn his new gal toy, and for once Veronica may have met a foe who is not afraid of her threats. This is juicy people; and Erica didn’t divulge a single detail to the Ice Queen.

Jeffrey and Candace pondered what the enemy might be up to, as the vixen ignored calls from Benny. She divulged to Jeffrey the dirty deed she did to her own brother. Jeffrey delivered a bit of truth, which resulted in Candace turning the tables on her pal about his deception with Officer Justin. It was apparent that the subject of Justin left Jeffrey unnerved; he does have feeling for Justin, rather he acknowledges it is another thing.

Candace’s day only got worse when she spotted Brandon aka Oscar enter her orbit. Brandon assumed that Candace showed up to take him up on his offer, and the opportunity presented itself when Candace learned of the newest mark; the guy running for President of the United States. Hmm, looks like Candace was intrigued by this latest offer. Jeffrey received a call from Justin who warned his pal that he was on his way to the Artisan Hotel and that his pal should get a room.

Erica updated Candace that Veronica paid her a visit, and the friends chatted about the dangers of the Ice Queen and her wicked motives. When Candace warns you that a woman is dangerous than you better watch your back. After weeks of denial, Candace spilled the beans to Erica about what transpired with Quincy, but I got the feeling that Candace doesn’t fully trust Erica.

Finally, Candace answered her phone and Benny was determined to know her whereabouts. Quita and her pals took Wyatt back to his place, where more threats were made, but little did they know the danger they have put themselves into. Wyatt exhibited symptoms of withdrawal, just as Quita made jokes and was determined to get as much money as possible out of the Cryer child. Don’t use that credit card Quita, you’re about to give your location away. Wyatt delivered one hell of a performance to get access to his cell to call for help. Never thought I’d root for Wyatt, but GO WYATT!

Benny was ready to make a scene at the hotel with Candace to warn her about the danger that she is in. Yes, Benny rose a bit of hell for once against his sister who has constantly played him like a fool. He was determined to ensure his sister’s safety even if it meant dragging her out of a hotel. The truth at last, Candace shed some tears; what some real emotion from the vixen. She purely had a bit of remorse, and brother and sister unleashed fireworks like never seen before. She learned that Mitch was in jail, the authorities are looking for her vehicle, and her world was crashing, literally and figuratively.

When Benny spilled the beans that Warlock has been released from prison and he’s looking for her, she was speechless, like scared ****less. Back at the Cryer mansion, the news reported inquiries of district attorney Jennifer Sallison who has gone missing. Not good, the FBI is not messing around, and Katheryn was still livid at Jim who was desperate to stay at his home to protect his wife. Husband and wife bickered and it was apparent that she was fed up with their phony marriage. He asked his wife to make nice with the woman that had her son raped in prison. Katheryn has ammunition in her pocket, just as Veronica has ammunition. I can’t imagine these two women rekindling their friendship.

Back at the hotel, Hanna got an update on the telecast making it clear that Candace is a wanted woman, and that Quincy’s body was found and Jeffrey’s car keys were found as well. Hanna’s world was shook when Benny returned with Candace in tow, and she learned that Benny played a role in Quincy’s death.

Next week looks really good; as chaos is about to explode with Hanna and her kids, Jim and Veronica, and Quincy’s murder comes front and center. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!