HOLLYWOOD—We have known for weeks that Hayden Barnes, the sister of Elizabeth Webber would be making her return to “General Hospital.” At long last, Liz and Franco celebrated their marriage with family and friends. It was the reception everyone was talking about, Laura, Bobbie, Scott, Cameron, Joss and so many others. However, the big surprise of the week was Hayden crashing the reception and seeing the response not just from her sister, but from her former flame Finn.

Yeah, Finn has moved on with Anna Devane of all people. Hayden left out a vital detail for Finn: that baby she was carrying did not die people. Yeah, I wonder how he’s going to respond to learning he has a child, one that he thought died. Hayden’s return makes things quite interesting because she has many connections to Port Charles, one of them being Curtis. Curtis is busy investigating Jax, who has been doing his homework on Valentin. How so? Jax knows Valentin has ties to Cassandra Pierce, but things get crazier. Why? Jax and Hayden are an item! Yes, that took plenty of people for a loop and even caught me by surprise. When Elizabeth probed she got the feeling Hayden was hiding something, and so did I. She’s up to something with Jax and I wonder what. Remember Curtis and Hayden are good con artists, that’s how they first arrived in PC America, so Curtis might want to treed lightly with Hayden, especially considering Jax is a close confidant of hers.

Back to Valentin, we all recall him working with Cassandra, who was nearly killed by Nina, but found herself brought back to life by a mystery person who still hasn’t been identified! Do I think that person is Jax? No, but I suspect he might know the Cassadine who was wearing that ring and returned from the dead. Valentin was stunned by that revelation and he should be. Viewers are well aware that the writers are pairing a potential Jax and Nina romance, once the bomb explodes about Sasha not being Nina’s real daughter. I already noted in one column that I’m waiting for the Beth reveal on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” the other is the daughter truth on “General Hospital.”

Liesl in a drunken stupor was dropping so much tea at the wedding reception I could not keep up. She spoke about Brad and Lucas’ marriage to Felix, she spoke about Wiley being with his real father and even teased about Nina’s real daughter, who is not Sasha. It sent some potential alarms to Franco, who didn’t really have his finger on the pulse. Someone wanted to ensure Liesl stayed quite so they pushed her into the water.

The likely suspects include Brad, Julian and Valentin. Brad and Julian are obvious, whereas with Valentin, Liesl knows Sasha is a fraud, and he doesn’t want that truth coming out at any cost. Why? Ava’s little psychic or medium picked up on a lot of things, interesting developments involving our favorite residents of Port Charles. Kim is totally spiraling out of control and wants a baby desperately, so much to the point that she drugged Drew and took him to a room, we don’t fully know if they slept together because Julian interrupted things, but based on Drew’s recollection its very much possible, which shook him to the core.

In other juicy news, Bobbie overheard that conversation with Elizabeth and Franco about Wiley, and she immediately blabbed to Brad, and I can see it now, the secret is getting closer and closer to coming to light. We finally know Kristina’s pledge: it was about her mother killing Kiefer, and good riddance because the abuser deserved it. Alexis struck a chord with Neil as she probed about his daughter who died. We don’t know much, but we know something. If that wasn’t a surprise, how about Stella revealing that she has a blood tie to someone close in Port Charles? Now that was an Easter Egg I didn’t see coming, so who could be connected to Stella and by extension Curtis?