BEVERLY HILLS—On May 18, the discussion of mental health was front-and center at a meeting conducted by the Beverly Hills Health and Safety Commission.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, health experts have seen a significant increase in mental health challenges. In a presentation to the BH Health and Safety Commission, Erica Felsenthal, a licensed psychologist, made it a point to mention that significant social changes have affected how people are functioning in today’s society and it can trigger depression and anxiety. Felsenthal noted that since the pandemic began, calls to the Los Angeles suicide prevention line increased by 8,000 percent.

She suggested incorporating positive coping tools and evidence based interventions into people’s lives in order to create resilience. She also suggests paying attention to one’s mental health, as well as being mindful of their physical health.

Over 70 counselors have moved to being fully online and are offering counseling services for reduced prices.

In response, the Department of Community Services’ website features over 100 online resources, which serves as a virtual hub for community service programs (

Anyone who is suffering from mental health conditions, can contact the Los Angeles County Access Hotline number at 1-800-854-7771.

For more information visit the website for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.