UNITED STATES—For years we have had this ongoing debate between Republicans and Democrats about the issue of healthcare and health insurance in the United States of America. I mean I’ve echoed the issue so many times it has tied knots in my brain. Like can’t we already come to a compromise and utilize a methodology similar to what is showcased in Canada. I mean what is it about American politics that is so damn decisive?

Well, its power, plain and simple. Just 2 months after President Trump failed to earn a victory on repealing Obamacare, the House of Representative barely, yes barely passed a vote with 217 in favor and 213 against. However, while Republicans are celebrating, they might want to hold off that celebration. Why? The bill now has to head to the Senate, and that is going to be a much tougher vote to pass. Many Republicans have already voiced concerns about passing a bill that could impact plenty of Americans who could lose insurance that they currently have.

This brings me to the question of the hour: why the hell aren’t Republicans and Democrats asking Americans what they want when it comes to health insurance? It seems the politicians are more concerned about what THEY want and looking out for the interests of those who scratched their backs. Stop looking at healthcare as a business; it should be a universal right similar to water and the ability to breathe air. That’s the problem with this country, we’re so driven by capitalism and the idea of making MONEY, nothing else matters.

Well it does and its time you listen to the people who elected you into office to REPRESENT them not a select few. For starters, health insurance should be AFFORDABLE. Yes, I’m going to continue to echo that word until it is clearly engrained into the heads of politicians. Affordability matters, and raising the cost of premiums and not controlling the cost of medicine are not helping the average American. Remember everyone’s pockets aren’t lined with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars like the 1 percent that controls most of this country.

Next, how about providing insurance packages that includes all the perks; not a select few. What do I mean? You have so many insurance plans that only consider basic elements of coverage and forget things like dental and optical. Hey politicians, Americans do indeed want to go to the dentist and regularly check on their eyesight when needed. I should not have to worry about not being able to get glasses or to get my teeth cleaned because I don’t have insurance that covers those basic amenities. Um, your eyes and teeth are part of your oral health America.

The cost of medicine, pharmaceutical companies are greedy as hell. Sorry, let’s not beat around the bush. These companies charge SO MUCH for basic medicine that it’s nearly impossible for those who have no insurance to get their hands on medicine that is vital to survival. People so fail to realize that pharmaceutical companies are all about making money, and if they can raise the cost of medicine to garner a profit they will do it. In addition, the constant prescribing of medications to Americans who don’t necessarily need them is alarming.

Yes, I’m bringing slight attention to the issue of statins. I have a colleague whose father was super healthy, and through the recommendation of a doctor started taking statins and suddenly his health took a tumble for the worse, so bad to the point that it claimed his life. Medical malpractice is an entirely loaded topic, where I can easily write 4-5 columns on the issue alone. Don’t prescribe a medication to make money, ensure the medication is needed to solve a health problem or crisis.

I have YET to see a freaking politician have a REAL CONVERSATION with the everyday American asking them precisely what they need and want in health insurance. I’m hoping this column delivers a clue or two to politicians to take a hard look in the mirror and represent Americans and not the party and the elitists of America.