PACIFIC PALISADES—On Tuesday May 26, Pacific Palisades and other parts of the Los Angeles area began to face temperatures as high as 20 degrees above normal.

According to the National Weather Service website, “Heat advisory remains in effect until 7 p.m. PDT Thursday. Temperatures from 92 to 104, the hottest days will be today Tuesday (May 26) and Wednesday. Hot temperatures are expected to be around 15 to 20 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year.”

The heat temperatures are expected to be in the desert, southwest and west coast areas. It is advised to practice heat safety if you are located in these areas. The National Weather Service recommends to reschedule strenuous activities to early mornings or evenings due to cooler temperatures during those times, wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing, and to reduce during outdoor work such as gardening or mowing lawns.

“During these extremely hot temperatures, it is encouraged to drink plenty of water, check on at-risk neighbors, if you are working outside ensure that you are taking frequent breaks in the shade, and leave your car locked, so children can’t gain access,” according to the National Weather Service Twitter.

The heat advisory will last until Thursday May 28. If you are experiencing symptoms of a heat stroke drink plenty of fluids and get to a shaded area and dial 911 as soon as possible.