UNITED STATES—After a promising yet injurious preseason our boys are ready for five months of top tier ball. Given that it is still early days, I am currently only looking at moneyline bets with any level of seriousness. That said, there are some very promising (potentially lucrative) green horns to keep an eye on, if you are thinking about betting on players.

Caesars’ favorites:

Buffalo Bills  (+600)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+750)

Los Angeles Rams (+1100)

Kansa City Chiefs (+1100)

Green Bay Packers (+1200)

Los Angeles Chargers (+1400)

There have been some interesting movements in the odds during the offseason, most notably the Buccaneers have leapt from +2200 to +750. This is, no doubt, due to quarterback legend Tom Brady getting cold feet over his retirement plans. Yes, to his many fans’ joy, the 45 year-old GOAT wants to re-establish his mountainous summit this season.

Brady’s reignited future notwithstanding, the Buccs are actually not the number one favorites this year. No, the Buffalo Bills currently hold that place on the podium – in spite of having received a humiliating mauling from the Panthers (21 – 0), they showed a ton of talent in the preseason. Bills hold the largest ticket buying fan base of any team and currently have one heck of a squad. The three prongs of their receiving trident: Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis and Dawson Knox are unmatched this year, and not to mention quarterback Josh Allen who is player favorite with the oddsmakers. As a lean (and perhaps hairy) unit, The Buffalo Bills live up to their name as their stunning performance last season earned them top spot in the eyes of oddsmakers despite the Ram’s victory. In fact, they have ex-Ram Von Miller included in their arsenal this season, one of the most impenetrable defenders in the game who was no doubt a part of last year’s winning formula.

Indeed, the remaining LA Rams coming in joint third on the odds table is hardly a surprise. Although consecutive wins are rare (happening only once for the Patriots since the turn of the millennium, and a total of seven times in history), The Ram’s are keeping their horns sharp nonetheless – Allen Robinson is their best new transfer, one of this generation’s top wide receivers. Given their acquisition of ex-rival and ‘still got it’ legend Bobby Wager, they might, at most, just bring last year’s magic back to the Superbowl. And at the least, they are worthy of squaring with the big Chiefs, as oddsmakers have stated.

Yes, Kansas matched the Ram’s odds, despite having imploded in their AFC championship game last year. This year however the Chiefs set the postseason alight with an impressive winning streak. Following on from debatably the most promising play of any team this year (save Bills perhaps). And not to mention, they have also implemented serious developments to the squad, welcoming Andy Reed, and Patrick Mahome.

Bringing up the rear of the favorites, the Packers and the Chargers. Often deliberately playing for fourth-down, LA’s second team could continue their maverick approach all the way to the Superbowl… but not without getting past Brady who waits, with nothing to really lose, in their division. As for the Green Bay Packers, their question mark rests on the shoulders of (twice in a row) most valuable player Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback is certainly still packing the heat – he remains on the NFL’s podium, ranked as 3rd best footballer today – but will it be enough to bring Wisconsin all the way to California this January?

Now that we’ve looked at the favorites, here are all of Caesars’ odds for this season, one of the newest USA online casinos:

Buffalo Bills (+600)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (+750)

Los Angeles Rams (+1100)

Kansas City Chiefs (+1100)

Green Bay Packers (+1200)

Los Angeles Chargers (+1400)

San Francisco 49ers (+1600)

Denver Broncos (+1600)

Baltimore Ravens (+1800)

Dallas Cowboys (+2000)

Cincinnati Bengals (+2000)

Indianapolis Colts (+2500)

Philadelphia Eagles (+2500)

Las Vegas Raiders (+3000)

Arizona Cardinals (+3500)

Cleveland Browns (+3500)

Tennessee Titans (+3500)

Miami Dolphins  (+3500)

New England Patriots  (+4000)

New Orleans Saints(+4000)

Minnesota Vikings(+4000)

Washington Commanders (+8000)

Pittsburgh Steelers (+8000)

New York Giants  (+10000)

Carolina Panthers (+12500)

Detroit Lions (+12500)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+12500)

Chicago Bears (+15000)

New York Jets (+15000)

Seattle Seahawks (+20000)

Atlanta Falcons (+25000)

Houston Texans (+30000)