UNITED STATES—Former First Lady, Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, sat with Recode owner, Kara Swisher, for an interview covering a multitude of topics. The interview took place at the Y on 92nd St. in NYC on Saturday, October 27.

A little more than midway through the interview Swisher asked Clinton, “What do you think of Cory Booker’s comment, and feel free -”

Hillary Clinton interrupted, announcing, “Oh I adore him!” No, Swisher interjected,
“What do you think of him saying, Kick them in the shins, essentially, essentially start to get to that political?”

Swisher was referring to when Former Attorney General Eric Holder was speaking at a campaign event in Georgia where he said, “When they go low, we kick them. That’s what the Democratic Party is all about”

Clinton interrupted again, saying; “Well, that was Eric Holder.” Swisher apologized, “Oh, Eric Holder, Sorry.”

Clinton then answered, “Yeah, I know. They all look alike.” Swisher was quick to say, “No, they don’t. Oh, Well done. Now, Hillary…”

Hillary said, “I was paid by Mark Zuckerberg to do that.” Swisher tried again, “Okay, can I just say–”

Swisher noted that Clinton had been reading Trump’s Tweets beautifully. Clinton thanked her and they went on to the next subject.

Candace Owens, Director of Communications of the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA tweeted, “Hillary Clinton— the woman who offered the black community hot sauce plus a free Jay-Z & Beyoncé concert in exchange for our vote— now says that all black people look alike. She also believes we all think alike and vote alike. Democrats are openly racist.”

Clinton has not released a comment regarding the statement made.