UNITED STATES—For many people, listening to music is an enjoyable recreational activity. You can enjoy it while driving, reading, or even while playing at an online gambling site like Luckynugget Casino.

Lucas Goldberg, the author here, shares a list of popular hip hop lyrics about gambling. We’ll also look at some of the best hip hop lyricists of all time.


There are many reasons why people like hip hop music. Those who enjoy working out at the gym or running listen to this type of music for motivation. We have a list of some real hip hop hits that mention gambling and are sure to uplift your spirit the next time you’re playing online casino games.

How Music Affects The Gambling Experience

Music can affect a gambler’s overall experience when playing casino games. Here are some facts about casino game music:

  • Game development houses use different types of music to create various effects on the gamer, and with casino games, it’s no different
  • The developers need to choose the right kind of music for the genre of casino game and ensure that it provides a unique experience for players
  • The tempo or pace of the music has been proven to affect gambling behaviour, meaning fast-paced music can cause players to place bets faster

Hip Hop Lyrics About Gambling In Songs

Songs about gambling are becoming more common in hip hop, but some from the 90s still hold up today. If you’re gambling online, it can be fun to put on some headphones and listen to some of these songs.

Mo Money Mo Problems (By The Notorious B.I.G.)

With direct gambling references, this song by Biggie Smalls, aka The Notorious B.I.G., fits our list. It deals another winning hand in that it’s catchy and was produced by P. Diddy. Both he and Mase rapped on the track, using pre-recorded material from the late Biggie, who had been murdered in 1997. It can be a little depressing, though, as the title suggests, more money equals more problems.

All About The Benjamins (By Puff Daddy)

  1. Diddy created All About The Benjamins under the alias Puff Daddy, though many still know him by that name. In slang terms, a benjamin is a $100 bill, so it’s aptly named. The song talks about the extravagant lifestyle that can come about from gambling.

I’m So Paid (By Akon, Featuring Lil Wayne And Young Jeezy)

This hip hop tune does have some offensive lyrical content, but it also references gambling. I’m So Paid also touches on in-depth topics like the human need for money and how desperate many people are to have it.

This Plane (By Wiz Khalifa)

A gambling track for sure, Wiz Kalifa’s “This Plane,” deals with loneliness, mistrust and, of course, wealth. It highlights the idea of gambling with friends rather than by yourself, bringing to light the need for social elements in online casino environments.


Top Hip Hop Lyricists Of All Time

Before we get to the end of this list, let’s take a look at two of hip hop’s best lyricists of all time:

The Notorious B.I.G.

Of course, wed have him in this list, but not just because we’ve featured one of his songs. The late rapper could only produce two studio albums before he was killed in 1997, but Biggie’s influence on the hip hop industry continues today.  His label released two more posthumous albums after his death.

Andre 3000

Another giant in hip hop, Andre 3000, is one half of southern rap duo Outkast. He’s been grinding out beats and lines together with musical partner BigBoi since 1994. Both outfit members are linguistic geniuses, but Andre 3000 makes our list because he’s responsible for most of the lyrics.


It would be interesting to hear some new hip hop music that has lyrics about gambling. Have fun deciding on a musical theme for when you gamble online, and we hope you enjoyed our list.