HELLO AMERICA!─Attempting to get a break in Hollywood is often a crazy and at times is insane under the best of circumstances. One is forced to deal with egos and hidden submerged needs and frustrations of those who believe they were born to be watched and applauded for their god given talents. Very few can handle the pressure and the emotional control and dedication it takes to survive it all.

However, there are always a few who prove very quickly that they are equipped to handle anything the business demands of them. EMANUEL who is not only a talent who has a keen sense of business reality, but has attracted some of the most critical entertainment heads with his clear ideas of film production. He clearly reminds you of the Robert Evans who recently passed.

“There has always existed in the film industry a widespread idea that it is very important,” he roared, “by the belief by some to justify inflated salaries and outrageous perquisites that it ultimately establishes the financial success of a film product.” He doesn’t hesitate to point out that the idea that only the strongest personalities can survive the American brand of stardom, and mere fame is always a test of even the noblest temperament.

Emanuel quickly notes that his growing up in Romania was not easy for him as a young kid. “Things were rough,” he said, “my family were not of money; it was hard work and determination in making life have a meaning. When able to come to America, it was then that I felt I might be ready to explore my dreams, ones harbored at moments when listening to music or when I would fall under the spell of a film at the cinema.”

He quickly admits that he has a passion for good films that represent the realities of life itself. “I enjoy working on film projects that give people hope, ones which makes them understand that if they are determined to make their dreams come true, it will happen. It really takes belief, preparation and living with a keen sense of who, what you are and where you are determined to go. It is, also, very important to choose your running mates or people you spend your free time with when on breaks from the normal creative routine.”

“It is important,” he offered, “that one doesn’t waste time with people without a sense of their destiny. There are those who simply exist in the shadows of the world; seeing, feeling very little, life for them has a dull, meaningless end.”

Emanuel reminds one that there is a long list of people in the history of film who, flattered by moguls and revered by fans, believed in their own superhuman status So many schemes and seductions to achieve success, so little time; so many privileges and pleasures to the Eros of celebrity, none of it finally satisfying.