SANTA MONICA —The brightly-colored green and yellow roadhouse located on Pacific Coast Highway, which is said to be a local favorite of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is contesting an eviction notice that it received in November.

Anthony Fischler, the owner of the historic Patrick’s Roadhouse, received an eviction notice from property owners Lee and Christine Benchay allowing the roadhouse 30 days before it must leave the premises.

It is unclear as to what the specific reason is for the eviction other than it is not due to non-payment. Fischler has been renting the property on a month to month basis for years now.

Word spread rapidly about the restaurant’s eviction notice and Patrick’s Roadhouse has been filled with patrons who are there to either say good-bye eat at the popular 36-year-old restaurant one last time.

By law, this civil trial case must take place within the next three weeks in either Santa Monica or Malibu but Fischler hopes to strike some kind of agreement with the landlord but has been unsuccessful in getting in contact with them.

Patrick’s Roadhouse is not only the Governor’s favorite, but has also been featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.”