SANTA MONICA—An attempted hit and run was foiled by police on Saturday, February 19. However, after detaining the suspect, it was discovered that possibly more was averted than just criminal negligence.

At 2:25 p.m. officers received notice of an intoxicated driver who had been involved in a collision at the Santa Monica Pier. As the officers approached the scene of the collision, the driver attempted to flee by driving up the ramp of the pier. The officers detained the individual in question, seeking to ascertain his condition.

The suspect displayed symptoms of slurred speech, watery eyes, an unsteady gait and high alcohol blood content. The officers suspected alcoholic intoxication.  The usual balance-and-coordination tests were administered, which the suspect reportedly failed.

After doing a pre-booking search, and much to the surprise of the officers present, several items were uncovered: a switchblade, prescription drugs (sans prescription) and marijuana. The suspect was also in violation of his probation.  Bail was set at $30,000. The suspect is 35 years old and is a native resident of Temple City.