UNITED STATES—Man, oh, man, the final two months of 2017 were epic for the American culture. Why? For a long time, rumors or issues of sexual misconduct, assault and rape were prevalent not just in the entertainment industry, but the American workforce. Harvey Weinstein took a major stumble, as well as many notable actors like Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Tambor, Louis C.K. and so many others. However, a tale that is really not making the headlines as much as it should is disgraced Michigan State University doctor Larry Nasser.

This man is a sick and twisted individual, who violated nearly 150 plus women already, and many believe that Nasser may have over 1000 plus victims. I was watching courtroom testimony of the countless women who read statements against Nasser, Michigan State University and MSU President Lou Anna Simon. This was not easy testimony to listen to at all; it was graphic in nature, emotional and without a doubt will strike a chord with those who hear it.

It’s utterly sickening to learn that Nasser molested girls who were so young, as a parent you would want to beat him senseless. I mean the testimony has been ongoing for the past week, with still more women coming forward sharing their tales and confronting a man who inflicted such physical and emotional harm on them that it never goes away. Nasser actually wrote a 6-page letter to the court asking for the victim statements to stop. I was without a doubt livid when I first heard this. Seriously!?

Who the hell do you think you are Larry Nasser? You committed heinous acts against a hundred plus women that we know and you did it for years, without ever having to face the music. Your day of reckoning has arrived and you need to hear how you have impacted these lives and how you have changed their psyche and who they are as people. These were kids, teens and young women who trusted you and you used that trust against them for your own personal gain. The fact that he broke down in tears in the courtroom means nothing, and I mean nothing to me. It’s perhaps the realization that Mr. Nasser knows he is about to face some serious prison time and he is about to reap what you sew. Which he is; he was sentenced to 175 years in prison this week and the notion that a predator of his magnitude won’t be able to hurt anymore women is beyond satisfying.

However, we have talked so much about Larry Nasser; it’s a bit of time to talk about Michigan State University who employed Nasser for years. I’m disturbed by the fact that allegations were reported to the university and not taken seriously. Why is this troubling? This isn’t the first time such issues with Mr. Nasser were reported to school officials hoping one would take action. According to reports, things were first reported in the early 1990s, and again in 2014, where still nothing happened. NOTE: Lou Anna Simon was president when allegations were raised again in the 00s that time. She’s been with the university for quite some time, but only became president of the school back in 2005.

Her showing up to the courtroom for just one day to hear the testimony is not enough, and I’m not putting blame solely on Simon because there were other officials from the school who were well aware of such issues and did NOTHING, did nothing until it became such an issue action had to be taken. If an allegation or issue of misconduct is reported, it’s only fitting for the proper authorities or those overlooking that individual who is accused to perform their due diligence to ensure no wrong doing has been done. To just ignore claims from victims is a double slap in their face and puts them in a position to be victimized for a second time.

I honestly know Simon has not resigned, but the public outcry and the fact that the MSU Board of Trustees standing behind her, even though many of them are also culpable in the matter and not taking action, makes the inevitable certain; it’s time to clean house. Sometimes having the same individuals in positions of power who are not willing to take action when needed, have to be held accountable. You had a hand in things that transpired far longer than it should have. That is what is so disturbing, Nasser could have been stopped, lives could have been different for so many of these women if this pedophile and predator was stopped years ago. Those people who knew and didn’t take action have to sleep with that guilt and I hope that guilt eats them alive.