SANTA MONICA—George Christy, a columnist who wrote for The Hollywood Reporter for many years, died of heart failure at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica on Tuesday, August 11. He was 93.

Christy’s most recent job was writing a column for the Beverly Hills Courier, a free weekly newspaper.

He wrote the society column “The Great Life” for The Hollywood Reporter for 26 years. In 2001, the Screen Actors Guild investigation looked into the case of him receiving health benefits for acting but in fact, not appearing in the film.

Christy was also accused of receiving gifts and office space from those he provided better portrays in his column. He resigned six months after the accusation.

In the same year, the labor reporter David Robb covered the story disclosing Christy’s improper behaviors, but Robert Dowling, the editor in chief and publisher, refused to publish the article. In April of that year, Robb, editor Anita Busch and executive film editor Beth Laski decided to quit their positions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it eventually printed news saying Christy was under investigation by the SAG investigation.

Christy took part in the film “Die Hard” in 1988 and played the role as a reporter in the film “Predator 2” in 1990. In 1995, he appeared in the film “Outbreak.”

During his career as a columnist, Christy hosted lunches at the Toronto International Film Festival for 30 years.