HOLLYWOOD—Hollywood flocks to the Tribeca Film Festival 2015. It’s New York’s most highest and prestigious film festival which kicked off on April 15, and will run through April 26. The film festival has grown both bigger and more comfortable, with 101 feature films, including documentaries from an array of nearly 5000 submissions.

It has everything for all tastes, from music, art, comedies and thrillers to political films that provoke the individual movie fan to explore not only the film itself, but the company of the people behind the film. I have been covering the festival since its inception back in 2002. Some of the buzz-worthy films from Stargazing Picks:

“Ashby,” a Mickey Rourke movie that’s describing itself as a “Harold and Maude” for the John Wick generation; and “Maggie” with Arnold Schwarzenegger caring for his zombie daughter. He plays a small-town farmer and family man, who refuses to accept defeat even when his daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin) becomes infected. Joely Richardson co-stars in this post-apocalyptic thriller.

Also: “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” which teams the equally unstoppable Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom for a radical political documentary; Christopher Walken as a comeback crooner in “When I Live My Life Over Again,” Adrien Brody’s supernatural thriller, “Backtrack;” director Andrew (“Gattaca”) Niccol’s “Good Kill,” starring Ethan Hawke and January Jones in a homefront/war drama, “A Faster Horse,” a documentary chronicling all that it took to transform a small, but courageous idea, sometimes that’s all you need is an idea into an American legend: The Ford Mustang. The world premiere screening took place on April 18, with an after party at PJ Clarke’s On the Hudson.

Not enough? There’s also “Franny,” starring Richard Gere, Dakota Fanning, Theo James, Clarke Peters, Cheryl Hines and Dylan Baker. Richard Gere delivers a brilliant performance as the title character, a rich eccentric man who worms his way into the lives of a deceased friend’s young daughter (Dakota Fanning) and her new husband (Theo James). The movie is full of warmth, passion and remarkable drama.

“Anesthesia,” which Sam Waterston, Glenn Close and many more cast members, which reflects our conscious decisions to be active or passive in our lives. A film to be remembered.

And then there’s conversations with George Lucas, Christopher Nolan and Harvey Weinstein, and a star-studded anniversary celebration of “Goodfellas,” with cast members and special guests. So you see it’s extremely busy keeping up with the film premieres and red carpet events and cramming into its 12 days. Lot’s of black coffee is crucial.

Arianna Huffington is always busy. She attended the premiere of “Song Of Lahore,” during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival at Regal Battery Park 11 on April 18. On April 20, Huffington was the special guest at the Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Luncheon at Michael’s Restaurant to celebrate the release of the blu-ray and DVD release of the film “Cake,” starring Jennifer Aniston. The media mogul raved about the film which truly gave me goosebumps as she spoke with so much passion and warmth of the film from the heart.

Miss Huffington spoke of the damage of grief and pain and how it then turns to grace. I personally felt the connection as she spoke of the film and her personal experiences with her two beautiful daughters. “Cake,” delivers and its more than a delicious dessert! It’s an incredible, monumental film, full of emotional depth!

Rose’s Scoop: The 68th Cannes Film Festival takes over the french resort in May. The jury will decide the winner of the Palme d’Or award and the main festival prizes, including best actress and best actor, on May 24.