HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On Monday, January 30, a landslide in Hollywood Hills slid downhill affecting at least three homes and caused a power outage in the area. TMZ reported one of the homes affected is owned by pop singer Demi Lovato.

According to Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Erik Scott, the landslide affected three homes: a backyard of one home located on Hillside Avenue slid down into the front yard of two homes on Laurel View Drive. The flow stopped on the street and did not enter any of the homes.

The landslide took down power lines, leaving hundreds of residents in the area without power and buried at least one vehicle. Over 50 firefighters from the ground and the air arrived on the scene to assist.

“Residents of one home called 911 and stated they were unable to get out; firefighters brought them to safety,” the LAFD website reported. There were no reports of any injuries. Five homes were evacuated for safety reasons.

“For the most part, we didn’t need any specialized equipment,” David Ortiz of the Los Angeles Fire Department told ABC 7 News. “We just wanted to get them out of there in case the earth continued to move.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department remained on scene overnight to ensure safety. According to reports, the 8100 block of Laurel View Drive remained closed while officials evaluated if the region was safe to remove the debris. Crews worked on clearing debris from the area on Wednesday, February 1, in an effort to re-open traffic to motorists.

Earlier this month, after a week of heavy rain, a home’s patio slid down a hillside onto Laurel Canyon Boulevard, prompting the street to close. After evaluation, the city approved funding to install K-rails near the affected hillside on Laurel Canyon Boulevard.