HELLO AMERICA!—Hollywood studios and production companies are seriously in talks with writers to come up with stories based on a MIKE FLYNN type character that cleverly joins Russia in bringing down the United States government following a presidential election. This idea, of course, relates to what is currently happening today in America.

Once this Flynn character manages to get his miscreant buddies in power, he and his gang move to make quick political changes effecting laws and anything else which represents their concept of what they believe this country should be about.  His determination to assist Russia in this effort quickly causes a near civil war between the races, Department of Education, HUD and even religious establishments begin shouts of hate and control, reminiscent of those years before and during the Second World War. Having been one of those young kids who heard these frightening shouts of hate stemming from Germany, it is terrifying to believe that this nation should even have anyone desiring to repeat such an era of shame and murder, assisted by those who have no interest in feeding the kind our kind of Democracy, the constitutional purpose of the Founding Fathers. Suddenly, it becomes a frightening, acrimonious time for all.

Even documentary filmmakers are keeping their cameras rolling. For example, Chris Cavalier, known as one of the industry’s most promising filmmakers when it comes to documentary production; he is there capturing every minute of the story, focusing on the salient meanings of every shot forcing the audience not only to see but think seriously what they are seeing.

“You would have to be blind and stupid not to realize or understand what is happening today within our government,” Cavalier says. “Our country is being invaded, man, by a bunch of crooks who couldn’t give a damn about who and what we are as a god fearing nation.  If Trump survives a full term it will be a miracle. There is a lot of evil going on within our government and it going to hurt a lot of common, ordinary working class people who will be forced to wake up and see the light. And when that happens, that’s when the fire will get intense, and the voices of the people will be heard again.  And this is why I’m having a ball capturing all the drama, no matter where it is.”

Several of my close NBC friends didn’t hesitate to inform me that even though they hate what is occurring politically in our country, it has caused millions of people to wake up and see and feel what is going on, and if they don’t get with it, they will be singing the blues for a long time. At MSNBC, they have had to add more time for news reports and interviews Maxine Waters has let everyone know she is still with the group moving to IMPEACH President Donald Trump.  “If we want to save this country,” she maintains, “Trump has to go.”