HOLLYWOOD —Happy New Year, everyone! With the end of the last year of the decade, we welcome the beginning of a new year. We ask ourselves, “What will 2010 bring?” It’s that time of year that we make the same resolutions each year: lose weight, quit smoking, drink less, find a job (any job), get organized, travel extensively, save money and most importantly, spend time with our loved ones and special friends. Some of us will even include in the resolution, I will not text while driving. I’m guilty of that. I have to cease doing that. It’s dumb and dangerous. It’s not as if I make it a habit, I’ve done it a few times only. These resolutions are all made in good faith, but only a few of us actually succeed.

Speaking of succeeding, Hollywood ended 2009 on a high note with the highest grossing box-office weekend of all-time, led by “Avatar,“ “Sherlock Holmes” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” with over $50 million as the final weekend of the box-office year of 2009 on the books, according to Hollywood.com. Another record on the books is the estimated $10.5 billion year at the box-office. Even with the most jaded movie-goer “Avatar” in IMAX 3-D is not to be missed, even if you’re not a fan of James Cameron. Which I simply can’t understand why anyone would not be. Who could miss, “Sherlock Holmes” with its intellectual script that resonates with wit and fun-filled action? Kudos to Guy Ritchie.

Coming in third place was “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel” a perfect family film for the kiddies. Hollywood was on a high as the film industry watched millions of people flock to cinemas to cheer themselves up in the mist of the economic gloom. With “It’s Complicated” and “Up in the Air” the diversity of the cinematic buffet simply scored with a film for every taste, age, and in the process made millions.

A fantastic weekend as movie fans delighted in the “cinematic buffet” that Hollywood had to offer. With a great diversity for every taste, age and inclination, audiences voted with their dollars in a profound way and gave the industry a huge Christmas present in the process. If this is any indication into the New Year, Hollywood hit the target.

In Hollywood, there are two things that dominate: movies and music. In pop-music history, this decade’s significance may come down to this: the internet-driven collapse of the record industry with iTunes and the emergence of “American Idol” as a cultural force. While it’s still a long-shot to land a record deal, or be praised by Simon Cowell, the fact is that every once in a blue moon, someone comes up with a gem. Now the question in every one’s mind is, “Is it Simon’s last season?” Are the fans ready to see Mr. Nasty leave the show? The show is bringing in some new blood when Ellen Degeneres climbs aboard in January. We’ll have to wait and see, what Mr. Cowell decides to do.

So what’s in store for Hollywood in 2010? Let me look into my crystal ball. Taylor Swift continues to make news amid huge record sales. Susan Boyle continues to impress, and Adam Lambert does one more inappropriate movement on national TV. The late Michael Jackson continues to dominate the music industry with his popularity. Last, but not least Norwegian singer-songwriter Ida Maria makes it in The US, with her debut CD “Fortress Round My Heart.”

Rose’s Scoop: This column marks my 8th anniversary with Canyon News, thanks for your continued support and readership. Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Safe New Year!