HOLLYWOOD—HELLO AMERICA! I have been on the road promoting my book, “Hollywood Through the Back Door,” and it has opened my eyes on how Americans feel about politicians and the state of our country.  Producer Dick Wyke is already working on a film script to go before the camera by the end of the year.  “It’s a film,” he said, “that will capture the feeling, the emotions of all of us trapped in this strangle hold that is being waged by the so-called Tea Party, neo-Republicans and the Democrats.  It’s a war between the haves and have-nots—it’s really a fight existing for survival and freedom. Simple as that.”

Wyke further noted that his film will introduce a new face of America; one that is a far cry from what the country was thought to be. “With the inclusion of all the new cultural groups that have made their home here after Vietnam, we are experiencing another thrust of bigotry and acceptance. We are quickly becoming a nation of so-called ‘others’ and those who had power before, feel threatened, resulting in the previous ruling class doing almost anything to diffuse any twists or turns to dominate the political stage, whether it is on the local or national scene.”

I was curious what Congresswoman Maxine Waters felt about what is going on in Congress; even though she is experiencing her own private hell, politically, she has much to say and doesn’t hesitate to express her feelings.

“When I attend Congressional sessions,” Walters offered, “it feels as if I should be wearing a bullet proof vest.  There is so much distrust, hate and total racism that one might imagine in a place before and after the Civil War. To be perfectly frank, the only thing missing are the Gestopo uniforms worn by the Nazi killers during the Second World War. And the astonishing reality is that many of the current members of the House of Representatives are young men and women who feel nothing, and worse yet, know very little about our country and its people. They are absorbed in the idea that ‘money’ is the symbol of power, and without it, you are useless.  It is really a sad state of affairs where we are now in this country.”

When talking with Broadway actress, Stacie Precia, who has appeared in numerous shows such as “Sophisticated Ladies” and performed on many of the major concert halls in Europe, was also very vocal about what is going on in our country, and how it is affecting, in general, the entertainment industry. “Some of the musicals being offered in the theatre are pure trash,” she said. “There’s nothing really memorable about them. Then you have this insane attention given to the hip-hop group, who only understand the ”˜n’ word or ”˜bitch’—programming and launching millions of young people in a sad state of ignorance and rejection. We have had ‘lost’ generations noted before, but this one, I believe, is without a doubt, the worst.”

It is very difficult to dismiss what Stacie Precia believes because we have evidence of what she has observed looming at every turn.  However, we mustn’t stop believing and working to make things or life better.  This is and always has been the real American way of doing things. I am one of those who still believe. How about you?