HOLLYWOOD —This week’s three most handsome men in Hollywood include Kyle Lowder, who is Rick Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful”; Alexander Skarsgard, who is Eric Northman on “True Blood”; and Joshua Morrow, who is Nick Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” What makes these three men stand out among so many handsome faces in Tinseltown is not just what lies on the surface, but their skills as amazing actors, their personalities, and most importantly, the inner person that lies beneath each man.

Kyle Lowder just stands out on “B&B” but also amongst his peer of actors in the entire industry. A new dad, married to one of the most attractive actresses on TV, Lowder has made such an indelible impression on millions of viewers of his hit show with his intense and authentic work as an actor and blue eyes that rival the Pacific Ocean. Lowder may be playing supporting right now on the show, but he leads in being one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. Female viewers of the most watched show on the planet can’t get enough of Rick Forrester or the man who plays him.

Alexander Skarsgard was named one of Sweden’s most handsome men several times. However, to the legion of “True Blood” fans, especially the ladies, it’s not a surprise he beat out so many actors in Sweden and in Europe to make it in Hollywood. Alex is on a show that is known for handsome men who can act, but this guy manages to outshine in many scenes just by standing on the set. With “True Blood” being one of the most popular shows on cable television, his fans are growing by millions each season. Whenever Skarsgard is in town, he can be seen being very polite, giving big tips at many Hollywood hot spots and obliging his fans with an autograph and an occasional photograph. This man knows how to be a star; he knows his craft as an actor and women know he’s truly a hunk.

Joshua Morrow is one of the most recognizable actors in the industry. “Y&R” has afforded him an opportunity to be with his family most of the time, to have become such a great star, not to mention a fabulous and superb actor. Morrow works opposite two of the most stunning women in television, but his real life leading lady Tobe is the love of his life and should be on a soap herself, she’s so beautiful. After getting to know Joshua to be such a magnificent human being, I really have to be honest and say that he’s told me on many occasions that his wonderful parents are the reason he’s the man he is today. I’m sure that is true and don’t forget his beautiful wife and three handsome boys, which are the inspiration of his life.

Morrow, Lowder and Skarsgard are more than just handsome faces. These men embody what most of us strive to be and they do so without hesitation.

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