STUDIO CITY—Andrea Marcovicci is a world-renowned actress, cabaret singer and absolutely one of the most stunning beauties in Hollywood. Andrea recently starred in Henry Jaglom’s “Irene in Time,” and after seeing her mesmerizing performance, it was no surprise to me why she got the role. Jaglom has said in the past, “She is unique and she has a beauty and talent that is captured very easily on film.” Those words coming from a filmmaking genius and legend mean a lot to Marcovicci and to her legions of fans.

Whenever Andrea performs at the Gardenia in West Hollywood, it’s always to a sold out crowd. However, the cabaret queen can also be seen many times in New York City at some of the most well known and respected night clubs. She’s also known worldwide for her tireless dedication to performing the standards of World War II-era composers, making their nostalgic music alive for a whole new audience, one she puts in a trance whenever she’s performing.

Although the beauty is not old enough to remember WWII, her talented and equally famous mother taught her all of the great standards of that era and always encouraged her to perform them perfectly. Marcovicci made her Carnegie Hall solo debut with the American Symphony Orchestra in 1993. Her strong stage background makes her perfect for a Henry Jaglom film. One thing an artist knows when acting in one of his iconic pieces, is that director Henry is a larger than life character, similar to his mentor Orson Welles and director William Wyler. Jaglom is a perfectionist and so is Andrea, which makes them a perfect match on-screen. Off-screen the beauty has been married to talented entertainer and photographer Daniel Reichert since 1993. They have a beautiful daughter.

Marcovicci was listed as one of 12 Promising New Actors of 1976 in John Willis Screen World. Willis knows his stuff. She’s listed as one of the most beautiful and dynamic women in entertainment by me. From “Strong Medicine” to “Murder She Wrote,” Andrea steals scenes just by a glance from the most beautiful eyes and skin that has graced the silver screen in decades. The living legend will continue to grace our screens for decades to come.

Photograph is Courtesy: Rainbow Film Company