STUDIO CITY —This week’s two ladies who make the list of Hollywood beauties includes an Emmy-winner Christel Khalil and soap newcomer Kimberly Mutula. Khalil is an Emmy nominated actress in the Younger Leading Lady category this year and Kimberly Mutula has one hot storyline about to kick off on her soap. Both are young and beautiful and have perfect teeth, skin, hair and eyes. These two young leading ladies have stardom written all over them. Khalil’s headed for her own Star on the Walk of Fame one day, and Mutula is going to be giving actress Lindsay Lohan a run for her money. As an actress only. Mutula’s too sharp to get caught up in the lifestyle Hollywood starlets find available.

Christel portrays Lily Winters on “The Young and the Restless.” The half African American and half Pakistani beauty has exotic refined features which remind many in Hollywood as a young Lena Horne. I don’t know if the young star can sing, but acting is her forte! Lily’s in a major cancer story on the soap and the only thing better than the writing of this groundbreaking storyline is the acting of Lily’s portrayer. Khalil won over fans and critics from day one on the soap, but this past year she’s been doing an even more amazing job. Khalil and her husband have a new baby at home, but the actress is truly ready for her close up.

Kimberly Mutula was cast by Emmy-nominated casting director Christy Dooley, who has made a major name for herself in the industry. Kimberly portrays Hope Logan on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and as the bastard daughter of Brooke Logan and her son-in-law Deacon Sharpe, fans know the character is due for her good share of heartache and bad decision making. Like mother like daughter, the blonde beauty has caught the eye of a young man in L.A. and soon her upcoming graduation party will land her in major turmoil. Turmoil is what makes for exciting storylines on television. However, the California beauty Mutula is also heading to the homestretch when it comes to storylines and great material.

Both young ladies exemplify and represent the best in Hollywood beauty.
Both Photographs are Courtesy John Paschal, JPI Studios© West Hollywood

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