HOLLYWOOD —Two ladies who were chosen this week as beautiful women in Hollywood are costars on CBS’s number one daytime drama for 21 years, “The Young and the Restless.” Both have also appeared opposite each other on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” They are not only amazing beauties, but they also are gifted actresses as well. Adrienne Frantz portrays Amber Moore and Tracey Bregman portrays Lauren Fenmore Baldwin. Their unique style and beauty are part of what makes them stand out in a town that sees beautiful women on a daily basis. However, the way these ladies carry themselves leave their male viewers and costars in awe of their presence and female costars and fans in admiration of their looks.

Bregman is red-haired beauty who has made men drool for decades on “Y&R.” She has the style and class of Ava Gardner and the acting skills of Katharine Hepburn. Bregman is currently playing a dual role on her soap as Lauren, the heroine who faces danger on a daily basis, and Sarah, the psycho who has imprisoned Lauren and Jana and who tried to murder Phyllis Newman. Tracey’s unique ability to be sexy without being a prima donna in the role is probably because the actress is truly a kind person. Female fans have loved Lauren’s style and those who are lucky enough to know her can say the actress is possessed of great beauty and innate goodness from within. She proves that beauty is more than skin deep.

Adrienne Frantz goes from “B&B” to “Y&R” to reportedly soon back to “B&B” again. The petite blond stunner knows every makeup trick in the book, and has a unique blend of eclectic taste which her character often utilizes as well. Both Frantz and Amber, who she plays on the two CBS soaps seem very much in control of who they are and are never boring to watch on-screen. Frantz’s great looks have only improved over the years, but the actress is about to break millions of male fans hearts’ when she goes off the market and becomes a married lady in the near future.

These two ladies are worth a lot more than a second glance. They are beauties who prove they are just as talented as they are gorgeous.
Photographs Courtesy: Tracey Bregman by CBS Television
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