HOLLYWOOD HILLS —Ruta Lee and Linda Gray are two beautiful Hollywood stars that show no signs of aging or slowing down career-wise. Ruta who lives in the beautiful home once owned by talented Orson Welles and gorgeous Rita Hayworth is a part of movie history. Linda Gray made fans of the CBS hit show “Dallas” cry, laugh and root for Sue Ellen for decades. She also appeared on the mega hit series “The Bold and the Beautiful” as less than a stellar mother. However, both ladies are known in Tinseltown not only for their prolific acting careers but for being two of the most beautiful and well dressed ladies post 40 in the entertainment world.

Acting legend Constance Towers who knows both of these ladies tells Canyon News, “You couldn’t have chosen two more perfect examples of beauty in Hollywood than Ruta and Linda. Both I consider dear friends and I often admire how they stay so put together. They are elegant and stylish in their fashion and are beautiful women. I am in awe of them both.” In awe is a something a lot of people say about Ruta Lee. The woman who starred in some of the most acclaimed films in entertainment history including “Witness For The Prosecution,” “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers” and “Sergeant’s 3” still finds offers for work. She has guest starred on almost every major TV series over the years such as “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Bonanza,” “The Twilight Zone” and “The Lucy Show.”

Some things that make Ruta so beautiful is that she clings to the love of one great man, her husband Webb, but she flirts it up with all of us guys in Hollywood. Her infectious laugh is known by her admirers and the Canadian born Lithuanian beauty is one of the hardest working ladies in all of Hollywood. Once when visiting Ruta, I found her rubbing her hand against her wall. I asked what she was doing, she replied, “Tommy, I often rub the walls in this house hoping that the style and elegance of a former inhabitant, the beautiful Rita Hayworth who once lived in this house, will rub off on me.” Ruta has nothing to worry about. She’s got it all over Miss Hayworth!

Linda Gray recently made a great return to series TV on CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The former “Dallas” star played the long suffering wife of J.R. Ewing and fans always admired Sue Ellen’s strength and determination. However, what stands out mostly about Gray is the fact that she’s so ageless and elegant even decades after portraying the once beauty queen-winner on the prime-time soap “Dallas.”

Gray has a natural but sophisticated beauty that many young stars of today’s Hollywood should take note of. She wears very attractive but appropriate clothing while emphasizing some of her best attributes. She does so very easily and with a hell of a lot of style.

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