HOLLYWOOD —The two men chosen this week for the most handsome men in Hollywood feature include, Doug Davidson, who portrays Paul Williams on “The Young and the Restless” and Antonio Sabato, Jr., a former soap star from “General Hospital” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Sabato is now a reality TV star that has propelled his stardom to mega stardom, while Davidson has remained one of the most popular and beloved actors in television history. Both men are internationally icons who are known for their professionalism as actors and fan friendly celebrities to their adoring fans.

Doug Davidson for decades has played Paul William, the sexy private eye who many Genoa City citizens have called upon to save their lives and their companies. Though Doug Davidson and Paul have a lot in common, the actor who portrays Williams is a lot more dynamic and interesting than his alter ego. Doug is a loving husband and father and his kindness, sincerity and loyalty are admirable in a town that is not known for solid human beings who appreciate what they have been offered.

Davidson has never used his superstar status to make the fans feel anything but joy and entertainment. He’s one of the most fascinating people to talk to, and if you ever meet him, you’ll say to yourself, “Wow, he’s a lot more handsome than I ever thought.”

While Italian actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. is often compared to Rudolph Valentino, he never lets it go to his head. Time with his children he takes very seriously and the ladies swoon when he flashes those dimples with his smile. Antonio became a huge success on daytime television on both iconic shows as “B&B” and “GH.” He is known in Hollywood to be loyal, has kept the same circle of friends he had long before he was a major star, and he seems so naïve about the sex appeal women crave when they see him on TV or in a movie.

What makes these two men sexier than most in Tinseltown is the fact that aside from being blessed with handsome leading man looks, they are also men that anyone would like and anyone could get along with.

Photographs Courtesy: Doug Davidson and Antonio Sabato, Jr. by CBS Television
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