MALIBU —Actors Matthew McConaughey and Don Diamont are genuine super stars. McConaughey, a dad, likes to surf some of California’s most beautiful and popular beaches. While Don Diamont, also a dad, likes to spend time with his kids and when he’s not with them, he can be seen on the most watched show on the planet, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The show is helmed by Ï‹ber writer and producer Bradley P. Bell of the famed Bell family in Beverly Hills. Matthew and Don are not only very talented and popular, but the two embody all the attributes of Hollywood leading men. McConaughey is an Alan Ladd-type while Diamont is a young Clark Gable, but even more handsome and talented than the legendary great.

Matthew is always involved in charity work. Helping to rebuild homes on the Gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina, where the handsome star was born and raised is close to his heart. In addition, any charities that involve children’s issues can also be called pet projects for the actor. What makes Matthew such a hunk with millions of women is that he is all natural. What you see is what you get. Rarely do you see the guy on a red carpet with makeup and in designer duds. He’s usually on the beach or with his girlfriend Camila and their beautiful family. Matthew’s also considered a mama’s boy in Hollywood. But that’s not an insult to the ruggedly handsome star. His deep respect for his mother, Kay McCabe, who is a schoolteacher is probably one of the many things that women find so irresistible about him. Always a consummate professional on set, the “Time To Kill” star is currently completing “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Southbound.” The prolific actor is also a producer in the industry.

Don Diamont is one of those guys every man would love to be. He’s tall, dark and handsome. He has legions of female fans from his roles as Brad Carlton on “The Young and the Restless” and as Bill Spencer on “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Though it’s the talent of this New York City native that manages to capture your attention when you watch him work. It’s undeniable that Diamont is one of the most handsome men on the planet. There’s no need for makeup or designer duds in his case. However, his talent manages to eclipse his physical attributes that make my mother and every woman whose been his fan for decades. There is a lot more to Don that has made this man shine on-air over the years.

From “Days of Our Lives,” to “Burke’s Law” and “Diagnosis Murder,” the television icon has never given a lazy performance in his career. The dad of four must work out in the gym, though I’m sure he won’t be offering me his trade secrets for those million dollar abs and biceps that make men cry with envy and women want to leave their husbands. It’s no surprise that he was chosen as one of People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 1990. What would surprise many who haven’t seen the Adonis since then is that he hasn’t aged a year in the past 20.

Sorry ladies, Don is taken, but don’t despair. If you want to see him, tune in to “B&B” weekdays on CBS. Not only is he still drop dead gorgeous, but in this new role as Bill Spencer, the billionaire non affectionately referred to by his enemies as “Dollar Bill,” you will be amazed at his engrossing and incomparable performance that would have forced Louis B. Mayer to put him on contract. Though Diamont has done one better. He’s under contract with Brad Bell’s “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which was last year’s winner for Best Show.


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