Hollywood’s Three Sexiest Actors

HOLLYWOOD —Leading men in Hollywood have to have that special thing that adds to their talent as actors and it is often rare. Cary Grant, Clark Gable and Robert Mitchum can all be called super-sexy as well as talented and these three leading men that are currently setting Hollywood afire.


Kyle Lowder

Actor Kyle Lowder, who portrays Rick Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” was the casting coup of the century for daytime soaps. The talented actor is one of the most handsome of daytime’s leading men. Daytime television is well known for beautiful people and sexy stars, but what makes Lowder so smoldering is his intense dramatic skills and the fact that deep down, the actor is one of most generous and kind men in the industry.


Grayson McCouch

Working for the master writer and producer of soaps, Bradley P. Bell, who has single-handedly salvaged the soap genre with his mega-popular series “B&B” which is loved by hundreds of millions all over the world, Lowder has been giving a venue to showcase what we all can see clearly. Eyes as clear as Malibu’s waters and a physique that is the envy of every man on the planet, but a really likable personality that underscores what and who he really is. Like Cary Grant, Kyle Lowder is a superior actor and an Adonis pure and simple.


Alexander Skarsgard

Then there is Grayson McCouch, a superstar that has worked for Aaron Spelling, Christopher Goutman and even Hollywood heavy weight director Michael bay in the big screen adaptation “Armageddon.” McCouch is one of the strongest actors and most underrated of his era, much like Robert Mitchum. It’s truly due to Grayson’s modest demeanor that doesn’t promote a lot of hype and publicity, that this diamond is normally hidden under someone’s hand instead of being gaudy and ostentatious like many lesser leading men in Tinseltown. A man who is not only sexy and incredibly talented on the small screen and big screen, but a trained thespian who lights up a stage like no one in this generation.

While Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgard has created a niche for himself on HBO’s “True Blood,” director, writer and producer Alan Ball saw the Clark Gable-styled hero who masters it all with aplomb on screen. Playing 700 year old Viking Prince and vampire Eric Northman is a role that Skarsgard may not want to do for the ages, but it sure has given fans a delicious sight of a man who could tackle the most powerful quarterback in the NFL with a flash of that smile. If that doesn’t make women swoon, the fact that he’s an anti-hero of a vampire makes him the bad boy every man wishes he could be and every woman wishes she could date.

Grayson McCouch, Kyle Lowder and Alexander Skarsgard make male leading man status in Hollywood something most of us mortals in the business can only dream of. Bradley Bell, Christopher Goutman and Alan Ball have Hollywood’s answer to sagging ratings and saving shows. These leading men are every woman’s answer as well.


Photographs Courtesy: Kyle Lowder by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions, Grayson McCouch by JPI and TeleNext Productions and Alexander Skarsgard by HBO Television and “True Blood” Productions