Hollywood’s Three Sexiest Actresses

HOLLYWOOD —Hollywood’s sexiest leading ladies are plentiful. However, choosing the top three divas who make their roles on the big and small screen sexy and exciting was a tough chore. What makes one woman sexier than another? Hair, skin, personality? Whatever it is, these three women who are not just sexy but extremely talented actresses are chosen for their beauty both inward and outward.


Tanna Frederick

Tanna Frederick, who stars in several Henry Jaglom films such as “Irene In Time,” “Hollywood Dreams” and this year’s “Queen of the Lot,” is sexy because of her kind spirit, her beautiful smile and most impressively her buff body which has many in Hollywood wondering how she can do it all so well? Kickboxing and surfing is what Frederick does to keep herself in tip-top shape. Both she makes an effort to do on a daily basis. Tae Kwon Do is her favorite activity. The Rita Hayworth lanky beauty is spectacular both on and off the screen.


Ashley Jones

While Ashley Jones is one of the most outstanding daytime actresses in television history, she’s sexy as Ava Gardner. She exudes real beauty on the screen in a way that many actresses envy. Talented and sought after because of her dynamic work on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “True Blood.” This damsel is certain to become one of Hollywood’s favorite leading ladies for years to come.


Hunter Tylo

Hunter Tylo’s obvious resemblance to film star Loretta Young is undeniable. Her beauty is legendary, she’s even been named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People previously. There can never be a list of beauties that does not include Ms. Tylo. The newly married actress is a devout Christian and perhaps much of her beauty emanates from what she truly is and what she believes in her faith. Whatever the reason, Hunter Tylo, Tanna Frederick and Ashley Jones are undeniably the hottest women in Hollywood today.


Photographs Courtesy: Tanna Frederick by Paul Smith Photography, makeup by Sherilynn

Ashley Jones and Hunter Tylo by Gilles Toucas, Bell Phillip Television Productions