BEVERLY HILLS —Hollywood’s True Beauties have included movie and TV stars, writers, producers and behind the scenes greats. This week we choose three women who are making names for themselves and are proof that beauty is more than skin deep. Firstly Anya Monzikova, who will blow moviegoers away in May’s epic “Iron Man 2,” Bobbie Eakes who plays Crystal on ABC’s “All My Children” and blond stunner Maeve Quinlan who is formerly a “B&B” beauty and current Hollywood star.

Anya’s recent interview with Canyon News was a treat to conduct. The blond Russian beauty was the model for suitcase number 10 on the hit game show “Deal or No Deal,” and she recently guest-starred in a pivotal scene with award-winning movie star Robert Downey, Jr., with whom she was extremely impressed. Though Anya is not as well known as her “Iron Man 2” costar Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s only a matter of time before the Florida raised starlet is s well known as everyone she’s worked with in the past. What makes Anya so beautiful isn’t just her exotic European beauty, but the fact that she’s one of the nicest young women who has arrived in Tinseltown in ages.

Bobbie Eakes made fans fall in love with her as the debutante daughter of Sally Spectra on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” However, after Macy’s death on “B&B” viewers of ABC’s iconic serial “All My Children” got to know her as Adam’s girlfriend, then wife on the show and in typical Bobbie style, viewers fell in love with Krystal, a woman who didn’t come from the right side of the tracks but often made the men in Pine Valley yearn to be with her. It included Emmy-winner actor David Canary and also Tad Martin, played by Michael E. Knight. Bobbie is not only a beautiful gifted actress, but she sings more beautifully than a nightingale.

Maeve Quinlan made a name for herself on “B&B” as the Forrester Creations secretary long before devious sister Pamela Douglas showed up. Quinlan played the role of Megan, the trusted and beloved receptionist of Ridge and Eric Forrester before she turned double agent for a man she fell in love with, Massimo Marone. Maeve, however, is known in Hollywood as a talented beauty that is a terrific character actress and whenever the opportunity allows, fans are clamoring to their TV sets to see just what she’s doing next.

Hollywood beauties Anya Monzikova, Bobbie Eakes and Maeve Quinlan are names we’ll be hearing about for decades to come.