UNITED STATES—With more people staying at home because of the pandemic, it is becoming more common to want to create a soothing and calming space at home. It’s not uncommon to add upgrades that can help prioritize wellness and health. There are a few ways to upgrade your home to focus on your health.

Adding a Home Elevator

A home elevator can benefit your health since it can help you remain at home as long as possible as you age. Stairs and multiple levels can be challenging when your body is no longer able to handle. That’s why installing a home elevator can be so beneficial. There are also many modern home elevators to choose from.

Adding a Gym

If your local gym is inconvenient to get to every day, you could consider adding one at home. If you do not have a workout space at home, you may find it hard to stay on top of things. If you don’t have the budget or space yet, you could dedicate a portion of a room and purchase smaller equipment. You can consider getting weighted jump ropes or hand weights. When you have more space, you could get a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Creating a Meditation Zone

The pandemic has caused more people to feel stressed, so it’s more important than ever to have a quiet space to reflect and meditate. It can help you feel more relaxed at the end of a long day and ultimately it is a natural remedy for better sleep at night. First, come up with a peaceful area in the home. It might be a patio, bedroom, or even a closet, where you can close the door for privacy. Now gather up some items that help you feel calmer, such as cute decorations, candles, or soft pillows. Choose muted, relaxing colors for everything. This can help you feel more tranquil. Once your area is set up, you can do yoga, meditate, or just sit quietly. You can also use this as a cozy reading area.

Add Soothing Colors Around Your Home

The colors you pick for your home decor might not seem to matter that much, but they can affect everything from your mood to your home’s overall appearance. The right paint color can help you feel calmer inside. Look for something like soft white, periwinkle blue, or pale gray in your bedroom and other relaxing spaces. If you are planning on selling, the right paint color can help you do so sooner.

Soothing colors and other accessories can help your home feel like a staycation as well. You might not have been able to travel as much as you wanted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home feel like a stay-cation. Incorporate a few luxuries here and there to make your everyday life even more relaxing. Heated towel racks can be just the touch you need to make your life feel more luxurious. Invest in good quality towels and other linens like what you would find while on a luxury trip.