SHERMAN OAKS—Officials with the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating a home invasion and robbery that transpired Wednesday, November 6, at a residence located on 4500 block of Tyrone Avenue between Moorpark Street and Riverside Drive. The incident was reported after 10 p.m., where five suspects entered the home and tied up the victims, as they were robbed of jewelry and cash.

One of the individuals inside the home managed to escape and asked a neighbor to call for help. The suspects were able to get away in an unidentified vehicle. According to reports, the home belonged to YouTuber Spencer Elmer. Authorities have not yet confirmed those details to the public. A neighbor on the street by the name of Larry Gross tweeted:

HOME INVASION ROBBERY ON MY BLOCK: Took my dog for a walk at 5 am this morning and found my street lined with TV cameras. The robbery occurred  at the rented home of the YouTube personality Spencer Elmer, who runs the channel Elmo Films, which has nearly 240,000 subscribers.

No details about the suspects have been released to the public. Anyone with information on the home invasion or robbery is asked to contact the LAPD

Written By Anita Brown and Donald Roberts