HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Authorities are searching for the suspect responsible for fatally stabbing a homeless man on Thursday, October 11 after 1 a.m.

The victim has been identified Daryl Hanson, 48, who according to reports, was well-liked by many members of the community. He was found in the area of Sunset Boulevard and Sierra Bonita Avenue, officials from the Los Angeles Police Department noted.

Hanson was stabbed in the alley and stumbles towards the street, where he collapsed and a witness called 911. He was stabbed in his back. Paramedics attempted to provide aide to the victim, but he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Sunset Boulevard was closed for several blocks in both directions, as authorities investigated the scene. Authorities have not arrested a suspect in the case or disclosed a motive for the crime.

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to contact the Los Angeles Police Department at (310) 855-8850.