BRENTWOOD—Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) recently released the outcome of Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count for 2019. The results revealed 36,300 people are homeless, which is a 16 percent rise from 2018. In Council District 11, the city of Brentwood had a 12 percent rise in homelessness. Transgender people and youths between the ages of 16-24 are included in the increase of homelessness.

City councilmember Mike Bonin states, “We are housing more people than ever in Los Angeles, but not nearly as quickly as people are becoming homeless. The pathways into homelessness are big, varied, and fast-moving. But the pathways out of homelessness are few, narrow, and move far too slowly. As long as that’s the case, this crisis will worsen, people will die, and our neighborhoods will deteriorate.”

A total of 2,284 people experienced homelessness in Council District 11 this year. That is a 16 percent increase from last year. Different areas in District 11 saw large increases including homelessness between the transition age youth, veterans, and transgender individuals.

The results indicate 55 percent of people dealing with homelessness over the age of 18 in District 11 reported domestic violence in contrast to the 39 percent citywide. This represents 1,182 individuals in the district which is a 63 percent increase from last year.

Three bridge housing shelters in Council District 11 are being planned, lawmakers aim to lower the amount of homeless and fix the crisis.

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