HOLLYWOOD—The writing is truly concerning me on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean when Hope started having fantasies about Thomas it was just wild and made no sense. However, they had their fling and it ended. Well, viewers get ready for round two because Hope is now having fantasies about hooking up with Dr. John Finnegan aka Finn, Steffy’s husband.

Now look, the writers totally teased the possibly of Hope and Finn being a thing months ago, maybe a year ago or longer, when Steffy and Liam cheated on their respective others. It would have been fitting for them to sleep together. With that said, the fact that it is NOW happening again, and not too long after her breakup with Thomas is suspect.

It feels way too soon, and it felt like the writers boxed Hope into a corner to the point that this is the only option available to us. Now, am I mad at the development? Not one bit, I am super thrilled to see Hope sort of stick it to Steffy who has been poking her nose in too many people’s business as of late. Her interference with Thomas and Hope’s relationship crossed the line. Thomas is a big boy, if he tells you he knows what he is doing, then butt out. Nope, you stuck your nose and severed a relationship in the process.

I feel like Hope and Finn hooking up is karma coming back to bite Steffy in the worst way possible. Yes, the first time Hope and Finn kissed I told myself Hope was day-dreaming and she was. Now, she is lusting after Finn, so much to the point that Brooke learned the truth. She warned her daughter that this cannot happen, but that doesn’t mean Hope is going to stop thinking about it. For Brooke, it could cause all sorts of issues in her marriage to Ridge if it unfolded, not to mention it might impact Hope’s professional career.

Dare I say, Hope is becoming more like her mother than she expected and that was the one thing she feared most. She is going after a married man, one who is happily married by the way. However, he is constantly battling Steffy when it comes to Sheila Carter.

Sheila is back and married to Deacon, and if Steffy thinks Sheila is just going to disappear from her life, she can forget it. If anything, Steffy constantly pushing Finn to steer clear of his mother is pushing Sheila’s anger to refuel. Remember, it was Sugar who recently tried to murder Steffy, not Sheila, but who is to say Sheila didn’t set those things into motion.

Here is the big issue, Brooke was so concerned about Hope she had a conversation with Deacon where she spilled some tea that she should have kept to herself. One big problem, Sheila overheard that conversation and got that sparkle in her eyes and that smile on her face. You bet Sheila is about to use this to her advantage to rid Finn of Steffy.

It will not take much for Sheila to get under Steffy’s skin and I’m eager to see it. She needs to be knocked off her high horse after all the crap she has pulled as of late. Making matters worse for Steffy was Ridge’s decision to place Brooke in a power position at Forrester Creations. So much to the point that Steffy and Brooke are going to have to work together.

Oh, baby this is about to be must-see TV because Steffy forbid it; she was adamant, but Ridge is the power player, not Steffy and his focus is getting back to designing, which means someone has to pick up his weight, and he’s looking at Brooke to be that person.

There are some developments in Los Angeles, Luna has been revealed to be Bill’s daughter. What a surprise? However, it looks like a new love triangle could be brewing between Katie, Bill and Poppy. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Katie with Carter? She was, she no longer is and let’s be honest, they were never a good pairing people.

Bill and Katie has always been endgame, the actors just have sensational chemistry. Bill pointed out that Katie was jealous and Bill tried and tried to get Katie to give him another shot, but she constantly shot him down, so now because he has someone else, she is making her feelings ‘NOW’ known?

Too little too late, but as I suspect Poppy is up to no good as Li has constantly pointed out and with Katie onboard now, it changes things greatly. Talent is being used on the soap with Don Diamont and Heather Tom who are fantastic actors whose talent was going to waste, but they are getting to shine a bit with a storyline that will be interesting. Bill and Katie for what the fourth or fifth time at this point, is the audience invested in that? I don’t know, but we shall see on “B&B.”