HOLLYWOOD—Another weekend at the multiplex, another sequel unleashed to audiences. This time we have the third chapter in the popular “Hotel Transylvania” franchise. After the success of the first flick, and its sequel, audiences are now being treated to “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.” This is a franchise that is known for having strong life lessons to its catered audience: kids, but at the same time adults.

This time around, Count Dracula (voice of Adam Sandler) is feeling a bit of heartache and loneliness since the death of his wife. Sensing that her father is feeling a bit sad, Mavis (voice of Selena Gomez) puts a summer vacation in motion to cheer up her father and strengthen their bond. Mavis, along with Johnny (voice of Andy Samberg), Frankenstein (voice of Kevin James), Griffin (voice of David Spade) and Wayne (voice of Steve Buscemi) gather up the rest of the gang to take a cruise.

Once on the cruise, the sparks immediately fly between Ericka (voice of Kathryn Hahn), who happens to have a past with a one of Dracula’s foes, Professor Abraham Van Helsing (voice of Jim Gaffigan). I love this dynamic to be honest between Dracula and Van Helsing. These are foes that have a long history, and Dracula has thwarted every attempt by Van Helsing to take him down. This time around it looks like Van Helsing might have an edge against his foe that he will never see coming.

“Hotel Transylvania 3” is quite entertaining because I love the film’s message of tackling the issue of love, death and differences. Could one argue the theme is a bit heavy for children to grasp? Yes, to a degree, but it shows that opposites can indeed attract and even those who may appear ‘bad’ are capable of change and what the heart wants the heart wants.

There are some hilarious, and I mean downright hilarious moments as the film reaches its climax and that is the direct result of music and some popular songs that many Americans know all too well. I love how animation films are able to take pop culture and inject them in films and turn it sideways to deliver a ton of laughs and bellyaches for the audience. The adults know all too well what they will get with this flick, especially if they’ve seen the first and second entries (me waving my hand because I’m one of those individuals). For the kids, they get to laugh, be entertained and get the opportunity to see characters again they have seen on the big screen in the past.

With the success of the all three films, I’d make it clear now, that audiences should expect a fourth installment in the franchise in the near future. We could see “Hotel Transylvania 4” as soon as 2019 or 2010 and if audiences continue to visit the multiplex, this franchise could have some strong legs.